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I am having issues with a pivot table in Excel.  I have attached the file with the pivot  table.  What I am trying to do is get the Customer Name in one column and then their email address in the next column.  We cannot figure out how to change the value" of email address so that we can actually see the email addresses.  Any would be much appreciated.
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helpfinderIT Consultant

probably you forgot to attach an attachment?
you will not be able to do that since you are putting the email in the value field of the Pivot Table, which means that you want to perform a mathematical operation on that field. If you put the email in the Row Label field then you will see the email but will get one more level below the customer name.

What is your purpose of using the pivot table? Do you just want to show unique values?

You can do that by just by selecting columns A through D on your data page and then going to the Data tab and clicking on remove duplicates. Note that your data will change hence you can do a copy of the original data and then try this.

Let me know.
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Sure you can!

1) Move email to a row field

2) On the ribbon, select PivotTableTools / Design / Layout / Report Layout / Show in tabular form

3) On the ribbon, select PivotTableTools / Design / Layout / Subtotals / Do not show subtotals
helpfinderIT Consultant

in pivot table values you can have only data liek COUNT, SUM AVG etc.
probably you have to find another way ho to handle this.
I did it for you this way:
copied column cust name from Data sheet to list sheet. I selected the range and in Data>Filter>Advanced filter I have chosen  (ticked) Unique data only. That gave me list of customers. In the next column (column C) I put VLOOKUP formula so I matched Customers with Emails
wow..patrick I never did this. thank you for the insight. learnt something new today.


Exactly what I was looking for!  Thank you Matthewspatrick :)

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