resolve external child domain

Hi, hopefully someone can help with this.

We have a few domains all hosted externally on the same ip. If i browse to any of them externally everything is fine, if i try to browse to them from the LAN only the parent domain resolves, all the others are blank. ( i can resolve but not

Things are a little mixed up as we have our own exchange server which uses the same domain name as our externally hosted website, lets call it for this purpose To overcome any mail issues ect we have a lookup zone called this zone holds 'A records' for which it resolves to the hosting IP, and which points to our exchange servers, and www which resolves to the externally hosted website '' for example.

When i try to add either a 'A record' or a CNAME to this zone it makes no difference. For example a CNAME which points to The parent will resolve on the internal DNS fine but the child won't

Am i barking up the wrong tree here? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Since your internal domain is also "", the problem is that when you try to resolve "" from within your internal network, the name resolution is being done by your domain controller, and NOT the public nameservers provided by your webhost.

This is called a "split DNS".  It is a supported configuration and is particularly useful when creating SSL certificates for the Exchange server.

The simplest solution is simply to add the necessary DNS records to your domain controller's DNS service by using the dnsmgmt.msc console. If you don't have many records, you can just keep your public nameserver's records and your internal domain controller's records in sync manually.

Chances are your domain controller already has an A record defined for "www", which is why it resolves but nothing else does.
PTemporalAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the quick response Frosty.

I will try this in the morning. Split DNS sounds messy, can you suggest a better way to set this up?
I know Split DNS sounds messy, but it's the best way to do it. Overall it is a small amount of manual work, and your webserver public IP addresses probably aren't going to change too often.

Don't try going down the tempting path of trying to make the domain controller forward requests to your public nameservers.

Some networks have a different internal domain from their external domain, e.g. your internal domain would be school.local, instead of This gives you a bit more elegant control over internal vs external DNS resolution, but there are other challenges when you set the network up that way. In any case, it's a moot point because it isn't feasible for you to change your domain name, it's already been set up.
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What is dns zone name in child domain and is it ad integrated ?

I mean do you have active directory as well ?
PTemporalAuthor Commented:
Hi There,

Yes the ad domain runs DNS on school.local the zone name is This we use for exchange as it is also

I thought i could just add an Arecord or CNAME but this doesn't seem to work.

So you have only one AD domain (school.Local) and external domain ( ?

On the internet you are also having zone right ?

Now from internal network you are not able to resolve, is that your issue ?

Just trying to understand your question 1st please

PTemporalAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your patience Mahesh.

We have 4 DC's three running DNS and one a rodc. From within the LAN/Domain i can resolve (which is external) but i cant resolve

I tried adding as an A Record and as a CNAME to the zone but it still wont resolve.

The and are both hosted externally.

Yes i cant resolve
Ok, thanks for clarification

Your comment
( i can resolve but not

You must create sub folder named child under zone and within child sub folder you need to create www as host (A) record so that it will be resolved as from internal network

PTemporalAuthor Commented:
Mahesh, thanks.

My appologies, what i'm saying is wrong.

I'm in the UK and at home now. I VPN'd in to check the setup.

I have the A record www and you are correct that is what i need. The issue, (apologies again) is that FQDN is hosted on the same ip address and DNS (to my mind) must be trying to resolve to with the zone record for www

Do i have to create a new zone for

Thanks again for your advice.
Your comment:
FQDN is hosted on the same ip address and DNS (to my mind)

So you mean to say that and are both having same public IP address ?

You can have multiple (Host A) records pointing to same IP
Just right click zone and select new domain
There type in child and that's all
Now you can create www (host A) record under child folder
Then it will resolve that

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PTemporalAuthor Commented:
Thanks i'll have a look in the morning and let you know how i get on.

PTemporalAuthor Commented:
I've requested that this question be closed as follows:

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for the following reason:

Working now
Have you got the solution or not..

have you changed any thing according to my comment ?
PTemporalAuthor Commented:
Hi Mahesh,

I was led up the garden path by the web developer.

All working now, is resolving thanks to your help.

I already accepted your contribution as the solution.
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