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how do I asuming --local-infile=1 on server do a mysql -u -p -hremote dump to remote server filesystem

how do I asuming --local-infile=1  on server  do a mysql -u -p -hremote  dump to remote server filesystem?

I need to know specific to mysqldump which definitely can dump to either local or rmote
but how? what are the command line parameters
I know from MySQL   load  data  local infile  reads data files from the client
load  data  infile  reads data files from the remote file system
mysqlimport does this via the --local   option but no --local or --remote appears to exist for mysqldump  so how does mysqldump get this done? assuming complete control of system MySQLD server variables???

note the remote specified is any remotehost xyz.mydom.com and -u -p  just were user and password left blank could have written -umyuser -pmypasswd
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