Visual Studio 2012- How To Deploy A Website From A Package

Hello. A couple of months ago I posted a job on a coder site:
Convert Flash Media Site To HTML5 Using Local Video Lan which was really just a way to pay the coder I have used a few times prior. He accepted the job and dragged it out forever until he he gave up.
He really left me hanging but in the end he did submit a package to me (see link below). I have visual studio that I currently use to do minor editing on our original Flash Media Site but I have no idea how to deploy the package or even how good it is.

I have the new stream (not HTML5 after all) all ready to go and would like to see if this site is going to cut it or not.

Can anyone help please? If necessary I may be willing to pay someone to remote to me.


Link to package:

Following some instructions on the internet I did manage to get this single page which is just the raw template he used: but the URL will be correct

I do have the DSN all setup on the remote SQL Server and his tables are copied over to it.
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Bob LearnedCommented:
Where do you need to deploy this?  The usual approach is copy the files to a folder on the server, and then configure an IIS application to that folder.  If you are deploying to a hosted server, the process gets more complicated.
A_AmericanELectricAuthor Commented:
No I'm deploying to my iis own server. But the package doesn't include any webpages at this point
A_AmericanELectricAuthor Commented:
He did say that the site requires that it be deployed as an MVC site
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Bob LearnedCommented:
Since this looks like a Web API web site, there are views defined in .cshtml files.  I see some views in there, but they look like the default views that get created for a new Web API web site.

I see a multi-folder solution (AndyDemo.sln):

I wonder if the MusicStore came from here:

MVC Music Store

What kind of help do you need?
A_AmericanELectricAuthor Commented:
The template was supposed to be customized for my streaming media site. I just need to deploy it so I can start moving the content from the old site over to the new pages. We might find that it's nothing but a blank template
A_AmericanELectricAuthor Commented:
The project was to create a YouTube style website to replace the OSM based site and the broken playlist on the right using my dynamic playlist XML.
Here is our current site that this package is supposed to replace. The only difference is I have a new dynamic stream
Bob LearnedCommented:
It looks like there is a web service in the MyServerService folder, but I don't know what that is for.  DL doesn't look like a project folder.

He may have started with the MVC Music Store template, and customized that for your video content site, but I don't see any evidence of it.
A_AmericanELectricAuthor Commented:
He was emphatic about all the time he had into it. Here is what the 1st part of the tutorial rendered:
That is the original template. Let me copy what he said here:

Sajid A.
Solution consist of two projects

1) MusicStore

Web site that contain the actual web site. You need to deploy it as a web site on IIS.

2) MyServerService

This is the service that communicate with the database and the server to get files from the directory and save it in the database. The service provide the data for the MusicStore. You need to deploy it as a WCF service on IIS.

 Then he said
Music is playable. All data is inside the database.
MusicStore is developed in ASP.Net MVC therefore you didn't find the index page because now this page exist in the View/Home/Index
The site required to deploy it as MVC site.

I have spent around 10 hours on this job and didn't charge you anything because you haven't accept the job terms. If you want me to deploy the site I am ready to do that as soon as I get the time but before that I will like to get payed for these hours that I have spent.

You was away for a week during the job. At that time a find another client that has lot of work. Therefore, this job is getting delayed with each day passing.

I feeling sorry for you that's why I am ready to refund your payment for this job.

Thanks for your understanding
Sajid Ali

Deploying the site and then configuring it on your server usually takes 2, 3 hours that's why I am keep saying that I will do this on my highest priority as soon as I get time.


I just asked him:

"I may have found some help deploying this thing but is there anything worth deploying or am I wasting our time?"
Bob LearnedCommented:
I should be able to help you get this deployed to IIS.  

How much do you know about all this?  
What is your skill level with web sites?
What level of description do you need?
Are you a developer?
Do you have Visual Studio installed?
What version of Visual Studio?

Example description (tell me if you understand):
With an MVC web site, the URLs correspond to action methods in controller classes.  For "View/Home/Index", that would go to the HomeController.Index method.

In the web.config file there is a configuration for Forms authentication:

 <authentication mode="Forms">
      <forms loginUrl="~/" timeout="2880" />

There is code in the App_Start.RouteConfig.cs file that defines the default controller and action when the URLs don't include a controller and action (Home/Index):

                name: "Default",
                url: "{controller}/{action}/{id}",
                defaults: new { controller = "Home", action = "Index", id = UrlParameter.Optional }
A_AmericanELectricAuthor Commented:
sorry. crazy crazy day. This is a priority but I'll answer everything as soon as I get home. Thanks so much for your help so far
A_AmericanELectricAuthor Commented:
To give you a bit of a gauge of my skill level- I know a little about a lot of different web apps and server technologies. I know a little ColdFusion and SQL server, HTML, CSS using Dreamweaver. Also, I built which is what supplies my primary source of revenue. Most recently been learning Adobe Media Server 5 Pro and FMLE playing around with the streams and codecs. I an make my way around IIS pretty well and have been managing the site with VS but the packages and deployment are all new to me.
For example: the admin panel on the current site employs SQL but the same guy embedded the SQL syntax into the code so I cannot edit the admin page.

 Not a developer. I'm an electrical contractor and network installer. I'm using VS 2012.

I should be able to follow along with what you tell me to do and probably lear quite a bit which, aside from helping out the church, is whats in it for me anyway.
I'm replying from my Ipad while driving down US19 but will be back to my desk at home soon where I have time throughout the weekend.

I need to do a little reading on the controller classes right away.
Thanks, Andy
Bob LearnedCommented:
In order to deploy an MVC web site, you have choices:

1) Copy the files to the server, and create the web application manually.

2) Create a web deploy:

How to create Web Deploy packages in Visual Studio 2012

When I first start with learning something, I like to do things manually, so that I can learn about what is involved with creating a new web site.

How to Deploy an ASP.NET Web Application Using XCOPY Deployment
A_AmericanELectricAuthor Commented:
Good point and thank you for your help so far. Ill let you know how it goes
A_AmericanELectricAuthor Commented:
Hi. I read the article from the link ou sent. So I'm guessing this is what he did to deliverr the package to me, right?

Right click on your project and select Publish
Create a new profile for your Web Deploy package
Specify the path where the package should go (must end with a .zip)
Click Publish
Bob LearnedCommented:
My guess is that he went into Windows Explorer, and packaged it manually, using something like WinRAR to build the .rar file.

I prefer to do XCOPY deploys, so I use the Web Deploy options in Visual Studio to copy only the required files to a file on my local machine.  Then, I can use XCOPY to copy the files and folders to the target server.  The reason that I do this is because you need special permissions, and software to run on the target deployment server, and it gets messy in my environment.  XCOPY deployment is my best option.

Given that, I couldn't say that I have used the option to create a package, and deploy that way.  Now, in Visual Studio 2013, that isn't even an option, so I am glad that I didn't put all my eggs in that basket.
A_AmericanELectricAuthor Commented:
I am very sorry but my work has me pulled away my volunteer time with the church . I really appreciate all of your attention and intend to get right back to this problem. Thanks again
A_AmericanELectricAuthor Commented:
Hi TheLearnedOne. Been awhile. But is this all I'm looking at?

I have the IIS application setup on 1982 and the web.config is has the
<connectionStrings> is pointing to my database but all I see is this generic  template page.

Short of what I told him I wanted, I have no idea what to even look for.

You said
"Example description (tell me if you understand):
With an MVC web site, the URLs correspond to action methods in controller classes.  For "View/Home/Index", that would go to the HomeController.Index method."

Unfortunately I don't quite get it nor do I get the  MVC site thing but I have a feeling that if there is no end result here that I'm going to be able to simply navigate and  apply the church's site content to.

What are your thoughts?
Bob LearnedCommented:
It has been a while, so I am not sure the end result that you require.  If I navigate to that site, I see content, but I have no idea if that is what you were looking for.
A_AmericanELectricAuthor Commented:
Hi. That is the purchase template in its raw form. To be honest, the language is over my head this time.I really want to upgrade the site for the church but now I'm considering hiring it out if its not too expensive.
I don't really think the 1st coder did anything with those files he sent but maybe he did.
What do you think it would take to move all of the original site to this template?
Bob LearnedCommented:
I would agree that you didn't get what you needed.  I would attempt to find someone else who has a better approach to software development.  You will need to see past projects that relate to your requirement, or proof that they know what they are talking about.  You can show them what you got, and they should be able to tell you all the problems, and propose a lot better solution.

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