Share 2 ISP at one location

Hello there,

I have internet from 2 ISP at my location and I want to be able to use both the internet. I mean when one gets disconnected. I should be able to switch to the other ISP. I want my users to have the freedom to use any of the 2 ISP. How can I manage or setup this requirements

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Puspharaj SelvarajConnect With a Mentor Sr.System engineerCommented:
may be through software firewall using linux. please refer
Puspharaj SelvarajSr.System engineerCommented:
Hello There,
A medium spec router or firewall can do that, Like a failover method or load distribution method using recent firewalls like watchdog, Cyberroam,Cisco,

zolfAuthor Commented:
how about using each isp with its own adsl modem. how will I need to setup this
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