Svchost.exe (dcomlaunch and PlugPlay serice) high CPU usage

Have a win 2008 (not R2)std sever runing Terminal server.
It's on a Vmware ESXi host.
Lately Svchost.exe uses 50-60% CPU, so the server is always at 100%
In taskmanager , right-clicked service and chose Go to services.
Than showes Dcomlaunc and PlugPlay.
Have searched around and found a fix for Win 2008 R2: (
1. not sure it applies since on this server it's at 50-60% all the time, and
2. it's not Win 2008 R2

Also found allot about disabeling enhanced audio (Vista problem mostly), but this is a terminal server without audio device installed.

Any suggestion?'
Tore JacobsenSystem adminstratorAsked:
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Tore JacobsenSystem adminstratorAuthor Commented:
After yesterdays reboot of the server, the svchost.exe container only contains dcomlaunch service. Still use all of my CPU.
Any suggestions?
Tore JacobsenSystem adminstratorAuthor Commented:
No phone connected to the server.
It's a virtual terminal server that the users connect to over RDP from their pc's.
Microsoft suggested to run fix mention in my question, but got error msg that "it does not apply to yor system" (guess it's for R2 only)
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Have you run a virus scan?
Tore JacobsenSystem adminstratorAuthor Commented:
Yes, came back clean
Do you have a virus scanner installed and running?

Do you have systernals tools installed?  What do you see when you run this?
tasklist /svc /fi "imagename eq svchost.exe"

See if this helps.
Control Panel -> System -> System Protection -> System protection (tab) -> Protecting parameters -> Local disk C (System) -> click Setup button -> Turn off system Protection
Tore JacobsenSystem adminstratorAuthor Commented:
Yes, have Trend Worry free antivirus. Scan came back clean.
Have also tried uninstalling it, no difference.
Under Control panel, system . there is no System protection, so can't follow instructions..

This is a Win 2008 Std server (not R2)
Same issue.  We're interested if you find any fixes.
Tore JacobsenSystem adminstratorAuthor Commented:

We found that SVCHOST.exe which was consuming the CPU also had 'Plug and Play' service and it was consuming the CPU.


After removing the floppy station, CD-rom and USB controller from ESXi settings, CPU usage is fine

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Tore JacobsenSystem adminstratorAuthor Commented:
found the solution
FYI ours did not have an optical or floppy and thus that solution didn't apply in our environment.

What did it for ideas BIOS update and or the next pending OS roll up update. We installed both simultaneously and unfortunately were unable to determine which one did the trick.
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Windows Server 2008

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