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We need a router/firewall for about 200 internet users. The current Juniper we've got is limited to 2000 sessions, and is constantly in the red dropping sessions and making the internet unusable at times. We need to use it as a router, as well as a DHCP server for 15 WAPs.

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Nico EismaSenior Network Engineer

here is the data sheet for the Cisco ASA

concurent connections
we had used 5510 ASA before and our site has more than 1000 users per site and it was able to handle those capacities, so with the newer 5512-X I'm sure i can handle your requirement of 200 users

let me know if this helps
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Buy a bigger Juniper of the same series (I'm guessing you have a SRX or SG, or maybe an ancient Netscreen (based on the 2k session limit))?
Cheaper than a Cisco and it'd be easy to migrate your existing config.



Thanks for the advice! Yes it was a Netscreen  5GT - end of sale 2008. We got an SRX 210 with 64000 session limit, so its much better now!

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