How to connect VOIP phone system at remote office to main office?

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The owner of the company that I work at purchased another franchise two states away from where I am now.  They are running Verizon FIOS as their isp and we have comcast here as our isp, not sure if that matters or not... They will be running VOIP entirely for their phone system.  I am the only I.T. person here and what I need to know is how do I connect the VOIP phones at that location to our telephone system here?  What information do I need?  Basically how do I do this?
Brent JohnsonAsked:
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arnoldConnect With a Mentor Commented:
POTS to VOIP is quite the challenge.
Usually when you have VOIP capable "PBXs" at each end, you have to look at setting up a PBX to PBX connection which often is simpler to do when both are from the same vendor.

The simple answer deals with establishing a sip connection between the two location and then configuring the dial-plans to match the phone numbers at the other locations that will be passed through via this sip trunk.
The VPN the others reference is a way to secure the sip data from being .......

If both are cloud based hosted solutions, you have to check whether both hosting provider would consider .......
You may need to transition one location to the other provider.
What phone systems do you have at each ?

Do you have the ability to do a site to site VPN ?
Brent JohnsonAuthor Commented:
At the main location we use Broadvox and its a toshiba strata pots phone system and at the remote location its Verizon voice over IP.
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