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Newsletter Campaigns

Hi, i am in the process of setting up my first Newsletter Campaign.

I have looked into mailchimp and it seems an excellent system.

I have two questions in relation to customers signing up to newsletters:

When a customer enters their email address into the form (mailchimp) on my site, they receive a thank you message and email asking them to confirm their signup. I don't like the fact that my customers have to click / accept a link in an email to actually finalise / validate the signup as i am sure a lot of them will think that the email is just a confirmation that they are signed up and then ignore any action in the email.

I noticed that you can also manually add email addresses to your campaign lists, so i was thinking it might be a better idea to just build a simple contact form to replace the mailchimp form, where the contact form simply emails me the customer's email address and then i can manually add it to the campaign list... as i said above this is my first time setting one of these up so correct me if i am wrong.

It there any 'must do' or advice that you could advise a newbie to email marketing?

Thanks in advance for your help.
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