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Droid 2 global and other phones - is 5GHz a common band these days?

I am running inssider on my old droid 2 global.  It shows no 5GHz signals.  is that because

a) that model doesn't use / have 5Ghz hardware and that's why it's not showing any
b) 5GHz isn't used much (yet)
c) I checked in the wrong areas : )

iphone v. X (solve for x) does / does not use 5GHz if it's available?

Do you specificailly have to look for hardware that says 5GHz?  Or because it is (ONLY???) 802.11a, it isn't used?  802.11a has been around a LOOONG time, right?  I have never really seen 802.11a hardware and then by extension is that why 5GHz is not used?
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