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SQL 2012 Add Volumes to Cluster and Maintenance plans

I am in the process of adding new volumes to my SQL 2012 cluster and need to create a new maintenace plan.

1) I have already presented the new volumes to both nodes and configured the volume on the primary node. I see the volumes listed add offline and not initilized on the secondary node should I leave this as is? I want to make sure this part is setup correctly first before I add the volume to SQL.

2) When I create a maintenance plan it creates a job called name.subPlan_1 Is there anyway to rename these jobs?

3) I want to do a full backup on all DB's and have select the option to create a sub folder for all DB's I have also selected the option to backup the transaction log and created a sub folder with I now have two subfolder per DB?

3)My SQL server only host SharePoint 2010 DB's and according the MS Sharepoint maintance Plan recommendations document from 5/12/11 I should be doing a Index Rebuild over a ReOrg. Won't a rebuild take my DB's offline????

4) the past admin created a IndexOptimixe job via command line but I am not sure if it is doing a rebuild or reorg...

"sqlcmd -E -S $(ESCAPE_SQUOTE(SRVR)) -d master -Q "EXECUTE [dbo].[IndexOptimize] @Databases = 'USER_DATABASES', @LogToTable = 'Y'" -b"

5) Why is it so hard to delect a schedule subplan.1 after you created a maintenance. So far the only way I have found to delete a job that isn't even scheduled is to delete the whole plan..

Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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