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please help to resolve this error

nj12mhf0102db03[oracle:cgsodsui1] 395: cd bin
nj12mhf0102db03[oracle:cgsodsui1] 396: ls
acfsroot            DBConsoleBanner.pm          emagtmc0               fmputlhp              ldapmodifymt       nmosudo       ott                     sqlplus
adapters            DBConsoleLifeCycle.pm       emca                   genagtsh              ldapsearch         nmosudo0      owm                     srvconfig
adrci               DBConsole.pm                EmCommonCmdDriver.pm   genclntsh             ldifmigrator       nmupm         pafctl                  srvctl
adrciO              DBConsoleStatus.pm          EMconnectorCmds.pm     genclntst             linkshlib          nmupm0        pafctl.bat              StartAgent.pl
AgentLifeCycle.pm   dbfs_client                 emctl                  genezi                lmsgen             odisrvreg     PARDeploy               statusnc
AgentMisc.pm        dbfsize                     EmctlCommon.pm         geneziO               loadjava           oerr          PARDeploy.bat           symfind
agentok.sh          dbfsizeO                    emctl.pl               genksms               loadpsp            oidca         patchAgtStPlugin.pm     sysresv
AgentStatus.pm      dbgeu_run_action.pl         emctl.template         gennfgt               loadpspO           oidprovtool   Path.pm                 sysresv0
AgentSubAgent.pm    dbhome                      emdctl                 gennttab              lsnodes            ojmxtool      platform_common         targetdeploy.pl
agtctl              dbshut                      emdctl0                genoccish             lsnrctl            ojmxtool0     plshprof                tkprof
agtctlO             dbstart                     EMDeploy               genorasdksh           lsnrctl0           ojvmjava      plshprofO               tkprofO
amdu                dbua                        EMDeploy.bat           gensyslib             lxchknlb           ojvmtc        proc                    tnnfg
amduO               dbv                         EMDeploy.pm            gnsd                  lxegen             okdstry       purgeDeploymentLibrary  tnslsnr
aqxmlctl            dbvO                        emdfail.command        grdcscan              lxinst             okdstry0      racgwrap                tnslsnr0
aqxmlctl.pl         deploymentLibraryExport.sh  EMDiag.pm              hsalloci              mapsga             okinit        racgwrap.sbs            tnsping
asmcmd              deploymentLibraryImport.sh  emdrollogs.pl          hsallociO             mapsga0            okinit0       rawutl                  tnsping0
asmcmdcore          deploync                    emdwgrd                hsdepxa               maxmem             oklist        rawutl0                 transx
bndlchk             dg4odbc                     emdwgrd.bat            hsdepxaO              maxmemO            oklist0       rconfig                 trcasst
chopt               dg4odbcO                    emdwgrd.pl             hsots                 mkpatch            olsadmintool  RegisterTType.pm        trcldr
chopt.ini           dg4pwd                      EmKeyCmds.pm           hsotsO                mkpatchO           olsoidsync    relink                  trcroute
chopt.pl            dg4pwdO                     EMomsCmds.pm           imp                   mkstore            omsdown.pl    renamedg                trcroute0
cluvfy              dgmgrl                      EMSAConsoleCommon.pm   impdp                 ncomp              omsstart.pl   renamedg0               trcsess
cluvfyrac.sh        dgmgrlO                     emtgtctl               impdpO                netca              omsstop.pl    repo_mig                tstshm
commonenv           diagsetup                   emtgtctl2              impO                  netca_deinst.sh    onsctl        rman                    tstshmO
commonenv.template  Directory.pm                emtgtctl20             jssu                  netmgr             orabase       rmanO                   uidrvci
CompEMagent.pm      diskmon.bin                 emutil                 kfed                  nfsPatchPlugin.pm  oracg         runclass                uidrvciO
CompEMcentral.pm    dropjava                    emutil.bat.template    kfedO                 nid                oracle        sAgentUtils.pm          umu
CompEMcore.pm       dsml2ldif                   emwd.pl                kfod                  nidO               oracleO       sbttest                 unzip
CompEMdbconsole.pm  dumpsga                     eusm                   kfodO                 nmb                oradism       sbttestO                wrap
coraenv             dumpsga0                    exp                    kgmgr                 nmb0               oraenv        schema                  wrapO
crsdiag.pl          dvca                        expdp                  kgmgrO                nmb.0              orajaxb       schemasync              wrc
csscan              e2eme                       expdpO                 LaunchEMagent.pm      nmcbufp            orapipe       SecureAgentCmds.pm      wrcO
ctxkbtc             e2eme0                      expO                   LaunchEMdbconsole.pm  nmei               orapki        SecureDBConsoleCmds.pm  xml
ctxkbtc0            echodo                      extjob                 lbuilder              nmei0              orapwd        SecureOMSCmds.pm        xmlcg
ctxlc               emagent                     extjobo                lcsscan               nmhs               orapwdO       SecureUtil.pm           xmlwf
ctxlcO              emagent0                    extjobO                ldapadd               nmhs0              oraxml        setasmgid               xsl
ctxload             emagentdeploy.pl            extjoboO               ldapaddmt             nmhs.0             oraxsl        setasmgid0              xsql
ctxloadO            EMAgentPatch.pm             extproc                ldapbind              nmo                orion         setsso.pl               xvm
cursize             EMAgent.pm                  extprocO               ldapcompare           nmo0               orionO        skgxpinfo               zip
cursizeO            emagtm                      extusrupgrade          ldapdelete            nmo.0              osdbagrp      skgxpinfoO
db2gc               emagtm0                     findAvailableSpace.pl  ldapmoddn             nmocat             osdbagrp0     sqlldr
dbca                emagtmc                     fmputl                 ldapmodify            nmocat0            osh           sqlldrO
nj12mhf0102db03[oracle:cgsodsui1] 397: dbca &
[1] 40954
nj12mhf0102db03[oracle:cgsodsui1] 398: DISPLAY not set.
Set DISPLAY environment variable, then re-run.

[1]+  Done                    dbca
nj12mhf0102db03[oracle:cgsodsui1] 398:

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What do you not understand about:
398: DISPLAY not set.
Set DISPLAY environment variable, then re-run.
Just follow the instruction: "Set DISPLAY environment variable"

Hint: Use ipconfig command to find out your IP address.
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As I mentioned in your other question:  Please stop posting a lot of command output that 'might' help.  Most of the time it just adds confusion to the actual problem.

Just post the issue/error and if we need additional information, we will ask for it.

In this case, the 'ls' did nothing to help the issue.  It just made us scroll down to the actual problem.

Back to the problem:
As Mike hinted at, you need an X-Windows client and have the DISPLAY on the server set to it.

From a shell prompt type:

When you see a clock appear on your monitor, then retry dbca.  Until you see the clock, no need to continue trying unless you want to try a silent install with a response file.

The online docs go into great detail about silent installs and response files.

Also:  Is there any reason you keep running commands in the background by using the '&'?  99% of the time, it is unnecessary.
Steve WalesSenior Database Administrator

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