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Windows 8 email login account not showing up in c:/users folder

I am new to Windows 8.1, in the sense that I hate it and would never want it, but I had a friend ask for my help with an HP Pavillion 20 All-in-one unit he acquired. This PC has 2 accounts on it, the Admin account that we know the password for, and an email type account (new to Win 8 I guess) that we do not know the password to. Problem is, the files he needs are in THAT email account. Using the MS reset tool is useless as nobody has access to the email or phone it was created with. So, I said no big deal...we log in as Admin, create a new account for Brian, and then go into the c:\users folder and copy everything from the email account to Brian. Well even though we are logged in as Admin, when we go into C:\users folder all we see is the Admin and Brian folders, none for the email account. How can we remedy this and acquire the documents from the email account?
thx experts....BobR
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