JShint curly brace position

We are using jshint in our javascript projects. We need a rule that specifies that curly braces should start at the end of a line, K&R style, and NOT on the next line (Allman). I've read the docs, but can't find anything that does that.

Is there a way to set jshint to give an error for Allman style braces?
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Kyle HamiltonData ScientistAsked:
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RobConnect With a Mentor Owner (Aidellio)Commented:
These are the options: http://www.jshint.com/docs/options/ as you've no doubt seen.  It's not there to specify exactly what you want so the answer is no it can't be done.

Have you contacted the author directly

This is a complete list of all configuration options accepted by JSHint. If you see something missing, you should either file a bug or email me.
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