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Looking for recommendations for client who wants to have an events page on her site.  This page will list workshops, seminars and trainings she will be conducting.  She also wants people to be able to signup online and to pay online.   She likes this site as an example.  Go to link http://striketrue.com/workshops, then click on "learn more about ...." to see setup.
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this looks like a simple article with a PayPal plugin.
here is a link ti such a plugin



I am surprised that there isn't a screenshot showing sample event pages, or did i miss them?
well the link you sent is not really an events page its just a page  with a paypal plugin.
the paypal plugin I linked to, allows the developer to add in a "pay for event" button
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if you want an events manager then there are several that include a paypal gateway, but most resemble calendars with events such as:


Thank you but I would really like to see examples.  This is just another plugin.  I want to see what the possibilties are with this plugin.  Isn't that standard to show?  LIke a demo page?
you need to take a look at the documentation of the plugin.
all the plugins at the wordpress site will include documentation and examples
in this case look  under description are there links to documentation that includes examples. i.e.
but this is really a calender based events system, which doesn't look like what your friend wants.

as I said,  the link your friends likes isn't really an events page, the page is simply a page of text entered by the author (i.e.  wordpress page) and after the dates the author has inserted a link to a paypal plugin.

oh and if you check the description for the paypal plugin there are screen shots and examples.
please take your time to really look at the links I post.



Ouch.  Please don't assume I did not look at your link.  As you can see from the time posting it.  I spent nearly 4 minutes trying to find examples on this page.  I don't really "do" wordpress sites so this is all kinda new to me.
ha no probs -
install the plugin and activate it then
basically the admin would log onto wordpress admin and create a new page and type in details of the course or event like th one in your link and then add in the code for the button
the link below shows how to do this.

here's another plugin that will enable the author to insert a payment button in an article

configure the plugin with the owners details etc..
experts exchange also provide guides to Wordpress


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