Reset W2k8 R2 domain password

Yann Shukor
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I got a new client this week: hurray !
But the previous maintainer didn't leave us the domain admin user password for the Windows Server 2008 R2 SBS (Dell Poweredge T310 with Perc S100): bummer !
I tried booting from the dvd and renaming utilman.exe but couldn't get the command prompt following the reboot.
I wanted to use Dart 7 but apparently Locksmith is only concerned with the local admin.
Any ideas ?
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have you pressed windoskey+U or clicked on accessibility option at login windows ?
Is there another account with Domain Admin privileges?

The Domain Admin is also the local Admin on the domain controller.


Thanks, the both of you, for your answers

sgupta1181: yes I pressed the Windows key + U (small and capital U) but nothing happened.  I didn't try to click on the accessibility option though

Serialband: There is apparently only one admin user profile, and administrator is disabled. Are you saying that the Dart Locksmith apporach should work in this case then ?
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Try to reset the password using...
It's always better to download the utility from the original link and accredited mirrors instead of going through a 3rd party for your downloads.  The correct link for that utility is:

The correct link contains much more information and a newer version of the utility.  It also allows you to give credit to the original author and keep his link higher in the searches.

3rd party links may be obsolete or more likely to contain trojans or viruses.  You should always scan your downloads, but the virus scanners can't catch everything.  New viruses and trojans are created all the time.  By linking to the 3rd party, you move them up in the search and move down the real link, eventually making it more difficult to find in the future.
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Thanks serialband, i will keep in mind, my intention was to show steps to  author .
That's understandable.  You probably found the first search link and saw that it was relevant.  It took more effort to find the correct link.

I keep losing the good links in the searches because the SEO ( search engine optimizer ) spammers have polluted everything.  I have to enter more search terms just to find them.  I've got so many bookmarks that it's difficult to find there too.  Google's just playing whack-a-mole as SEO spammers and bloggers that don't know how to credit their sources proliferate.  A lot of tech articles don't even have dates in their articles, so that you can't know whether their information might be outdated.  It takes a lot more search effort to weed out the irrelevant links these days.

I'm hoping tech people would realize this and help out by finding and posting the original links instead of the blog links.  I also hate the download aggregators that don't credit their sources.  The searches are polluted by them.  I rather go to before having to go to a download aggregator.

Besides, the blog link has the old utility from August 2, 2008 (080802) instead of February 2, 2014 (140201)  It might be outdated enough to cause problems when you attempt to use it on a newer OS.
Thanks for your help
Before I got a chance to test Dart 7 the client built enough courage to ring up the previous IT guy and get the password...well let's just say that it took more than one call to succeed


not really a solution as such, but more of a positive result

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