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How to add location info to an SSL CSR using CertReq.exe

Hi, I am trying to create a cert request for an IIS 7 website on Server 2008 R2 using CertReq.exe so I can add a Subject Alternate Name. This CSR will be submitted to a 3rd party issuing CA, not an Enterprise CA, and I would normally add the SAN info on the issuers website. Unfortunately the customer wants it done this way.

I'm using a RequestPolicy.inf file that I created based on the following Technet articles:

Everything checks out when I verify the output file (.req), except that I cannot find how to add the folling info to the CSR with CertReq.exe. I dont see this in any of the Technet articles for this tool:

Organization Unit

Can someone please provide the proper way to add this info to a CSR using the command line?

Thank you!
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You will need to do this with a policy file:

Subject= ", OU=xxx, O=xxx, L=xxx, S=xxx, C=xx"
Exportable = TRUE
Exportable = TRUE
KeyLength = 2048
KeyUsage = 0xA0
MachineKeySet = True
ProviderName = "Microsoft RSA SChannel Cryptographic Provider"
ProviderType = 12
RequestType = CMC

OID= = "{text}"
_continue_ = ""

Open in new window

Then run a certreq e.g

certreq –new c:\filename-you-saved-above-content-as.inf  C:\filename-of-request-to-be-generated.txt
Let me know if you have any additional question, though the above info should resolve this for you.
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