New Computer - How can I copy/move/import/whatever, my ColdFusion Admin data sources from my old PC?

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I have a new computer...I'm sure you all can identify with both the joy of having a new computer, but also the incredible pain of resetting EVERYTHING up again.

Anyway, I've been able to figure out how to import of restore most of my settings through copying over various ini files, but the last one I don't know about is whether or not there's a log/ini/etc. file that I can copy from my old computer to my new one that brings over all of the ColdFusion data source connections that I created through the CF Admin.  While I can recreate them, I probably have 200+, so any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
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There is a file in which has the information for the datasources which is: neo-datasource.xml, you will find this file in the LIB folder of Coldfusion
Make a copy of this this backup and your new new neo-datasource.xml and place this copies file to new location and restart cf server, you will be able to see all the datasources.

You may or may not get connected to all due to password stored in encrypted format and make sure it still matches with your database password, else all work fine
Rodrigo MuneraSr. Software Engineer

I have not-so-useful advice, use mac, I just upgraded to a new macbook pro, and when I turned it on for the first time, it found my time machine backup from the previous mac, and imported everything, including all the settings in my coldfusion builder 2. It was great! It even imported my windows VM. (I run windows 7 on top of parallels)
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well, That's MAC, not windows, so as per the process if he has nothing which could get him MAC< he has to reply on the internal coldfusion files where he can get what he wants
Rodrigo MuneraSr. Software Engineer

I know, that's why I said it was not-so-useful :P
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For datasources only, try the previous suggestion, just FYI, for Dev and Enterprise editions you can do a full backup and restore from .car files:

> the incredible pain of resetting EVERYTHING up again

I feel your pain.  I'll be doing that in very near future... oh rapture.


Just so all of you can feel more of my pain...the day after I posted this question, my brand new computer wouldn't turn on.  Black screen.  Brought it back to the guy who built it, he first tried safe mode and rolling back to an earlier version of my computer to make sure it wasn't a driver wasn' was a bad 'new' video card.  After replaced, I had to START OVER installing things again. . . AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Anyway...I started with the first recommendation above and copied the neo-datasource.xml file. All datasources were there YEAH!!!!  Next, I had to add ODBC connections through the Windows ODBC connection area (do you all have to do this?  I could never find another way to get things to work by just adding the connections into CF Admin.)  I researched that as well and was able to copy over that file....of course, even though both CF Admin and the ODBC Administrator show the list of my connections, they still weren't working because apparently MS Access drivers aren't available in the 64bit world  (WTF MICROSOFT?!?!?!  You still include Access in 2013, but you don't allow ODBC connections?)  I did more research and found I had to add my ODBC Admin connections through odbcad32.exe.  WHATEVER!!!

Did this, still wasn't working.  You know what finally made it work???  I had to go into each ODBC connection in the CF Admin and re-submit them.  UGH!!!!  I added a few, then decided to tray the .car file option.  Went to my old computer, created the .car file...worked like a charm.  Tried to deploy it on my new computer...doesn't work.  Is there some trick here?  When I try to deploy it, the screen blinks, but nothing appears to change.  Those connections I haven't resubmitted still don't work.

I will continue re-submitting the connections in CF Admin, but if there is a better solution...I'm all ears.  

Any other suggestions are welcome.
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What about using the CF Admin API? It can be used to create dsn's:

In theory you could read in the old .xml files, run it through cfwddx, then loop through the dsn's and pass in all the parameters to the create datasource method.  That would work for JDBC connections - not sure about ODBC though...

add ODBC connections through the Windows ODBC connection area (do you all have to do this?  I could never find another way to get things to work by just adding the connections into CF Admin.)

If you're using ODBC socket, yes.  It's designed to sets up a DSN using an existing ODBC connection.  So obviously it's got to exist first.  That said, I don't really use Access - and haven't used ODBC for anything in a while. I prefer JDBC. My CF ODBC service broke a ways back, and I never could fix it, so I said to heck with it and used JDBC exclusively.  

Unless there's a reason you need to stick w/ODBC, I'd ditch it and switch over to JDBC.  Unfortunately, you'd have to create new dsn's manually, but then you'd be rid of the need to do double work windows dsn's + CF dsn's.

apparently MS Access drivers aren't available in the 64bit world

Yeah if you're switching from 32=>64bit I know there were some changes.  Yet another reason to dump ODBC. With JDBC *most* drivers will just work, regardless of the o/s bitness.  That said ... Access may be an exception.  Since it doesn't have a pure JDBC driver like most db's SQL Server, MySQL, etc... there may be other restrictions.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help, but my Access knowledge is very, very, rusty ;-)

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