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Using "raw" FDF to insert an image with pdftk.exe

We are currently using "raw" fdf, such as the following:

<< /V (51)/T (field_146) >>
<< /V (STRING)/T (field_148) >>
<< /V (7353)/T (field_149) >>
<< /V (HELLO WORLD)/T (field_150) >> 

to populate form fields on a PDF form, in conjunction with the pdftk.exe  executable. We
also have a certain image (which will change in nature for each separate PDF generated) that needs to be inserted as well.

I was trying to insert it as the image on a button (AP, or APRef, was it????) but evidently that isn't going to work unless I make it some kind of "template", which I hope I can do with this raw FDF and pdftk.exe.

Any ideas? I would think this should be simple and straightforward enough to do with the raw FDF, especially since the image is in a ready PDF file itself.
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