Tweak jquery responsive calendar

I am using this calendar:

I've installed the example in my webserver:

And I've tried to color all the fridays in red.

The documentation is very clear:

I know I need a simple jquery selector (you can see what I've tried in js/javascript.js) but I can't manipulate the right class referring to fridays.

I tried:


Just to check if I could point to fridays... No luck :(

What am I doing wrong?
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Just add a class to your css

.fri {
background:red /* or whatever color */

You don't need to use jQuery for this.

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ltpittAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your suggestion but I'd like to change it dynamically...

Why my

$(".fri").css($(".fri").css("backgroundColor", "yellow"));

is not working?
It should be just

$(".fri").css("backgroundColor", "yellow");
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ltpittAuthor Commented:
Sorry I've pasted it in a wrong way...

The one I've used is:

$(".fri").css("backgroundColor", "yellow")

Anyway I've tried also your code: same problem.

It does nothing...

It's like the execution order is wrong...

First it "colors" the background and then it draws the calendar but I can't get why:

      $(document).ready(function () {

          time: '2013-05'
          events: {
            "2013-04-30": {"number": 5, "url": ""},
            "2013-04-26": {"number": 1, "url": ""},
            "2013-05-03":{"number": 1},
            "2013-06-12": {}



function coloraVenerdi() {
        $(".fri").css("backgroundColor", "yellow");

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Well I tried their onInit() function and it drew the colors and then promptly overrode them.
Then I tried adding a class on the .fri class in the init and it overwrote it again.
What they need is callback when the calendar is loaded.
I suggest contact the authors,
Reading thru their documentation, they say if you want to style days etc use the classes - they don't mention using jquery to do the styling.  They seem to be talking about CSS.
It doesn't make sense to use js to change the style at load.
ltpittAuthor Commented:
That is ok then...

I wanted to be able to do so (using function or buttons) but I'll try with css.

Thanks for yout kind help and patience. :)
You can do it with buttons (once the calendar is loaded), but you cannot just change it at load.
ltpittAuthor Commented:
So if I want to do...


Let's say I want to color 5 december in red but only if it's 2015?
You would need to attach this to an event - click etc.


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But once you change to a different month then this css will be lost.
ltpittAuthor Commented:
You are my liege
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