Moving email from archived folder to a public folder

Dear experts,

I am looking for a way to move archive emails from the archive database on the exchange to the public folders. I have tons of different folders and I don't want to drag individual folder one by one. Is there a way to do it in Exchange Management Shell via a script.


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Sushil SonawaneConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes you can achieve these through third party utility :

For more info refer below link :
SpiderPigAuthor Commented:
Let me clarify things a little bit, we have enabled the archive mailboxes on the Exchange 2010, and implemented archiving policies on the exchange level for certain users.

One of the users has an archive mailbox which contains a lot of folders he would like to move to the public folders in order to share these old folders/ legal cases with other staff.

Is there a way to migrate these on the backend without getting our hand dirty sort of speak by manually moving folders?
Sushil SonawaneCommented:
You can schedule these for Moving email from archived folder to a public folder to particular user also.
SpiderPigAuthor Commented:
How is the million dollar questions... :)
SpiderPigAuthor Commented:
Any word on how to do this? What the command or switches involved?
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