how to search help for words like "extern" "#define"

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hey guys, in vba we can highlight a word and then press F1 to get the help. in Xcode we can mouseover and use the option key to click or just go to the utilities pane quick help amongst a few ways.

however when i try to search the help file for words like extern, const, #define, i can't seem to find the help for it, even when i search right in the Documentation window.

question: how can i find help for words like extern, const, #define etc? thanks guys!
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Not being sarcastic here....

thanks jmcmunn - i have googled them and learnt a bit more about them but i'm trying to find out the documentation way of learning about them --> how to get the formal documentation on these words. is there a way? thanks!

If you're talking about objective C, then where better to go than the developer guide and programming reference on Apple's site?
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hi jmcmunn, thanks for your help once again, i was just wondering if there was an easily accessible way to access help for these particular keywords through Xcode. perhaps there really isn't, i'm not sure. but yes i do want to go through the documents you pointed me to, only went through HIG so far.

thanks anyway jmcmunn! if you don't mind am leaving this question open for awhile to see if anyone else knows how to get help for these keywords through Xcode. thanks! = )

Check the bottom middle "bubble" in this infographic for the keyboard shortcut to documentation in Xcode.
whao jmcmunn, nice! i'm printing this up and pasting it on my wall! = ))

i tried these shortcuts on the compiler words but still couldn't get any help. i think that the only way to get help for compiler keywords is from the runtime document you posted in your previous comment. will go through that by this week. thanks jmcmunn, will close this question soon! = )
hi jmcmunn, apologies for the late reply. i think the only way to get help for these keywords are from Apple's developer guide as what you mentioned. in VBE, it's possible to search for these compiler words in the in programme help file which makes it much easier. thanks for your help anyway jmcmunn!

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