what are the steps for synchronizing telephone numbers on my desktop to my Alcatel TracFone?

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Hello and Good Evening Everyone,

            I am needing step by step instructions for synchronizing a folder containing a database of telephone numbers to my Alcatel TracFone (Model A392G).  Using a link from a previously closed post, I was able to get some accessories for this cellular phone.  One of the accessories is a USB data cable which I believe will be necessary in accomplishing this goal.  The telephone database was created using WordPad of Windows 7.  The format of the entries was done in Rich Text Format or .rtf just in case this information is needed.  

            Any suggestions or tips for synchronizing the telephone database with my Alcatel TracFone will be greatly appreciated.  In the meantime, I will look forward to hearing back from everyone regarding this question.  

            Thank you

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           I am sorry for not explaining very clearly what I am wanting to do.  I wish to transfer my telephone database or list on my pc to the Alcatel TracFone.


Here are 6 steps and it tells how to get your contact list from your pc too your phone, in case you lose the contact list from your phone.
So, suppose you have no contact list of your phone, this explains how to get it there.

step 1

step 2: Use the Bluetooth-enabled address book program if you are a Mac user. (If you are not Bluetooth-enabled or are not a Mac user, then skip ahead to step 6).

step 3: Select the name(s) of the contacts in your address book whom you wish to transfer to your TracFone's contact listing.

step 4
step 5
step 6



Hello and Good Afternoon,

               I am very pleased with the information you have provided concerning my question.  Using the resourceful links in addition to your suggestions, I am confident that I can now transfer my personal and business contact list stored on my pc to the Alcatel TracFone.  I also thank you for providing the link which easily demonstrates how to add individual entries as well.  

               Have a great rest of the day and thank you so much once again for your feedback and guidance.

Thank you and good luck with your new phone.

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