How long I should wait after eating a meal to sleep?

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When I am eating at night big meal or even a normal meal(burger king, dish of rice..)I am having pain at the top of my stomach and difficulties in the breathing , I feel like my stomach pressing on my lungs so I cant breath, and this never happened when I sleep and my stomach empty. How long I should wait after having a meal to sleep?
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Sleep when you feel sleepy.
Digestion makes your body tired and thus sleepy.
3 hrs after eating is a healthy sleep routine.

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Mr. Micheal I wait 3 hours and when I sleep I feel pain on the top of my stomach and pressuring on my lungs ,moreover I cant breath.
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You could have a digestive problem needing medical attention.

People with these symptoms could have acid reflux or an ulcer. I am NOT diagnosing you, however. I am NOT a doctor.

You should see a doctor because your symptoms are not normal.

I sleep well whenever I wish.
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Have had experience with this problem (off and on for a few years).

Answer to your direct question: 2 hours. Since you wait 3 hours and still have a problem, it's best to consult a doctor. You could use a "pancreatic enzyme" supplement, however, to see if this improves the symptoms.
Robert RComputer Service Technician
It really depends on how heavy a meal you eat before retiring. Health professionals such as myself recommend between 3 - 5 hours. If you have a meal high in fat it takes longer to digest, therefore requiring more hours to let your body digest the food before retiring. One of the biggest reason not to go to bed right after eating is, when you are lying in bed your food in your stomach is on a horizontal plane causing the digestive juices and stomach contents to pushed toward the esophagus spinchter, the digestive juices are highly acidic and can eventually erode the spinchter, or if you are prone to acid reflux the digestive juices can escape into the esophagus and cause heart burn. When you are in a vertical position such as sitting or standing, the stomach contents and digestive juices are in the stomach and reflux will not occur unless you have excessive gas or bloating.
>> even a normal meal(burger king, dish of rice..)I am having pain
I infer that this did not happen years ago. I think the question should be not about hours before sleep but rather how soon can you see a doctor. When there is pain from events that previously did not cause you pain, that is cause for concern. Please go to a doctor immediately. Better safe than sorry.
Robert RComputer Service Technician
It is recommended that that people such as yourself who suffer from acid reflux (when the fluid comes up the eshophagus (throat), causing burning and pressure on your lungs as what you are experiencing, not to snack before the go to bed. As well it is recommended that smaller meals are taken during the evening meal.  They say the biggest meal such be at breakfast time, the next biggest meal at noon and the supper meal the smallest meal.
Eat like a king at breakfast, a prince at lunch and eat like a pauper at supper time.
Breakfast is the time to break the fast from the evening before, so it should be big meal. A lot of people skip breakfast or have that coffee and donut, it is unwise as it causes a rush to push up your blood sugar then when the blood sugar gets too high it will cause a release of insulin, causing the blood sugar to drop even further than the way it was before the coffee and donut making you feel lousy. To have the energy for the day you need to start off with a good breakfast.  But then again this answer is going beyond the call of duty.
I used to suffer from this. I lost 20lbs (6'3" 245lbs-225lbs) and it went away (3 years now). My sister didn't lose weight, and eventually got serious complications.
Retired considering supplemental income.
I have had similar symptoms in the past.  Probably caused by excess weight, age, and a liking for spice foods.  I have been following a diabetic diet and lost about 70 lbs in the last two years.  I eat a smaller evening meals 2-3 hours before bed time and avoid spicy food.  
If I still have a problem going to sleep I chew a couple of anti-acid tablets and drink some water that usually takes care of it.

See you doctor regularly and give him/her the truth (don't hold back).  I am nearing 70 years old so I see one of my many doctors probably three times a year.
Your case can only be diagnised by a full medical examination including endoscopy.
Look into this cause:


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