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Facebook or Twitter to resist false premise law enforcement

Dear EE;

     In the S.F. Bay Area our principle transit system is the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit).

     I have discovered that the system has no lawful basis for imposing fares or for citing for fare evasion. In other words people can ride free.
     To teach the facts I have distributed to parked commuter’s cars business cards inviting people to contact me by email. When they do respond I email send them attached documents such as the one attached here.

     I am getting less than 1% response to my cards and no one to date has stood up to the BART. I worry that people fear I may be distributing maleware. Would a Facebook or Twitter presence mitigate such fears?

      Rather than direct prospects to contact me at my home email I would direct them to Facebook or Twitter.

      My next question would be a request to be walked through the procedures for setting up with Facebook or Twitter.

Thank you,
Julian Swig

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