CSVWriter from Data table wont write duplicte line

Hi Experts,

I am having an issue with a CSV Writer that I am creating using a string builder, and a datatable when trying to increase or decrease a field value by +/- 1

Below is a part of my code.

This works... and yes, i know its in an infinate loop which.  This is how it is designed for the moment in order to confirm it is writing and will set the loop to the total number of rows shortly.

However...  what i am after is dr.item(5) is always an 1 or a 0 value.  What I need to do is write a duplicate line, with the opposing value so a 1 would change to a 0 and a 0 to a 1.

any and all help appreciated.

 'Location file will be saved
        Dim SaveLocation As String = "C:\Temp\CSV\"
        'File Name with the date and time the file was created for easy reference. 
        Dim filename As String = "TwoFour-" & DateTime.Now.ToString("ddmmyyy-HHmm") & ".csv"
        'StreamWriter to create, save and update the file as necessary - referencing the file name and the save location
        Dim sw As StreamWriter = File.AppendText(SaveLocation & filename)
        Dim i As Integer = 1
        Do Until i = 100

            'if the Save location does not exist then create it
            If Directory.Exists(SaveLocation) = False Then
            End If

            'String builder 
            'Dim CSVString As New StringBuilder

            Dim dt As New DataTable
            With sqlcmd
                .Connection = sqlconn
                .CommandType = CommandType.Text
                .CommandText = "select * from dbo.Trn_Migration"
            End With


                sqlconn.ConnectionString = connstr

                'sqldr = sqlcmd.ExecuteReader

                Using da As New SqlDataAdapter(sqlcmd)
                End Using

                For Each dr As DataRow In dt.Rows
                    Dim CSVString As New StringBuilder

                    'CSVString.Append(dr.Item(0) & "," & dr.Item(1) & "," & dr.Item(3) & "," & dr.Item(4) & "," & dr.Item(5) & "," & dr.Item(6) & "," & dr.Item(7) & "," & dr.Item(8) & "," & dr.Item(9))
                    CSVString.Append(dr.Item(0) & ",")
                    CSVString.Append(dr.Item(1) & ",")
                    CSVString.Append(dr.Item(2) & ",")
                    CSVString.Append(dr.Item(3) & ",")
                    CSVString.Append(dr.Item(4) & ",")
                    CSVString.Append(dr.Item(5) & ",")
                    CSVString.Append(dr.Item(6) & ",")
                    CSVString.Append(dr.Item(7) & ",")
                    CSVString.Append(dr.Item(8) & ",")
                    CSVString.Append(dr.Item(9) & ",")

                    ''TO DO 

                    Dim CSVString1 As New StringBuilder
                    CSVString1.Append(dr.Item(0) & ",")
                    CSVString1.Append(dr.Item(1) & ",")
                    CSVString1.Append(dr.Item(2) & ",")
                    CSVString1.Append(dr.Item(3) & ",")
                    CSVString1.Append(dr.Item(4) & ",")
                    CSVString1.Append(dr.Item(5) & ",")
                    CSVString1.Append(dr.Item(6) & ",")
                    CSVString1.Append(dr.Item(7) & ",")
                    CSVString1.Append(dr.Item(8) & ",")
                    CSVString1.Append(dr.Item(9) & ", Duplicate Line")


                    CSVString = Nothing
                    CSVString1 = Nothing

            Catch ex As Exception

            End Try

            i = i

    End Sub

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Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]Billing EngineerCommented:
so, in the second part of the code you want to do this?
CSVString1.Append( (dr.Item(5) == "0" ? "1" :  "0" )& ",") 

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SimonPrice33Author Commented:
Hi Thanks for the quick response,

I will try this now and let you know how i get on
SimonPrice33Author Commented:
VS2010 is giving me an error on == saying an expression is expected, and the second "0" with syntax error.
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Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]Billing EngineerCommented:
I am sorry, I was writing C# code and not VB.net code, let's try that again, using IIF function:
CSVString1.Append( IIf(dr.Item(5) = "0" , "1" ,  "0" ) & ",") 

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SimonPrice33Author Commented:
i have gone with a differnet method of creating a new sub for now, and sending the infromation byval and then altering the data that way.

however i will try this again later to see if i can tidy up my code.
SimonPrice33Author Commented:
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