Migrating from SQL 2000 to SQL 2012

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Is it possible to take a Microsoft SQL 2000 database on one server and migrate it to a completely different server that is running Microsoft SQL 2012 and use this database? We use it for our Intranet.

Any assistance offered would be greatly appreciated.
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No, you can't do it directly.


In short, you need to upgrade to SQL 2005 latest service pack first, then upgrade to 2012.


So the existing database that is currently SQL 2000 and is our Intranet needs to be upgraded to SQL 2005 and then migrated over. Correct?
Yes, that is correct.

Has the code in the intranet that makes SQL calls been upgraded to work with SQL 2005 and above?
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It has not. Does all that need to be updated as well?
I don't know as I don't know what the code is like that calls into your current database. I wouldn't do this on your live system. Build a virtual machine copy of the intranet and then try upgrading in a test environment.

This is no small job and needs to be handled correctly.


We have been trying to contact the Programmer who did the coding but nothing so far. Exactly. This is quite a big job that we want to make sure it does not have tons of issues.
Ok, well things like the database using deprecated datatypes:


SELECT  sys.objects.NAME AS [table_name] ,
        sys.columns.NAME AS [column_name] ,
        sys.types.NAME AS [data_type]
FROM    ( sys.columns
          INNER JOIN sys.objects ON sys.objects.object_id = sys.columns.object_id
        ) INNER JOIN sys.types ON sys.types.system_type_id = sys.columns.system_type_id
WHERE   sys.types.name IN ( 'text', 'ntext', 'image' )

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More here on the migration path:

This link includes the supported edition and version upgrades here:

There may be SQL functions that have been used in the intranet code and/or stored procedures that are deprecated in the later version of SQL.


Thank you for those links and information. I will go through them.

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