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I have two main routers, probably not idea, but let me explain.

I have a technocolor something or nother from comcast, which is a cable modem/router and has VOip.. unfortuntelly I can not configure too much on this device. So while wireless is enabled, I do not use it.. I cant even disable it.  I cant switch to bridge mode or anything.

So I connected a linksys e4200 wireless router... this is on a different subnet, and is configured for wireless, and etc. This is our main device we connect to and all forwards from this device accordingly.

My question, is somehow I want to enable and have the ability to VPN into home...
I dont think natively I can do this, and would have to add to dmz port forward... not sure... To test, I have a Linksys wrt54gs v 5.0.  I flashed with DDRT but not sure what to do now, and how to add to infrastructure.... I think adding it as a repeat bridge with same SID and passwords and authentication, but i need thoughts are corerect setup and how to enable and use vpn so i can connect from external
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