how to remove titles from website

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Hi Guys,

I was wondering how do i remove titles from website here at

You will see the homepage title

Welcome to The Dancing Soul – Athlone Therapy Centre

Everytime you create a page it puts it as the title
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The title tag is in the head section and looks like this

<title>Welcome to The Dancing Soul</title>

I noticed you have a lot of open questions.  Can you get some of these resolved before moving on?
You are working with WordPress.

On the page you have two titles "Welcome to The Dancing Soul – Athlone Therapy Centre":
the first one, which appears e.g. in title bar (if you see it :-)), you can change on the Dashboard > Settings > General > Site title
the second one, on the content (middle) part of the page you can remove while editing the page - just delete title.

I suppose, the problem is with second one, especially on the pages like where the title is displayed twice. You have not to repeat title once more in the text of the page!
You could make the text white. {
background: url(images/dotted-line.png) bottom left repeat-x;
padding-bottom: 14px;
margin-bottom: 20px;
color: #ffffff;

plus you could reduce the padding and margins (above) to make the area smaller. This CSS rule is in style.css, line 126
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Page title are good for search engines, so if you made the text white, it would still show up for them.
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Oh wow, sorry!
Okay, how about this? I assume if the text is hidden, then Google doesn't see it. Please correct me if I am wrong. {
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Doesn't matter.
There are caveats e.g. expandable content. But don't try to trick Google.
I am not sure, what doesn't matter?
Is hidden visibility expandable content?
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Looking at the original theme to what you have now, it looks like you did a great job customizing your theme.  

It looks like the author of your theme is relying on the page name for the h1 tag   and when I view their sample your issue is not recreated.

I wonder in all of your customization if you have added this by mistake.  Did you update any of the php files when you made your customizations?  Did you use their slider widget or another?

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