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Slow LAN


I was at a client site today and was surprised at how slow file transfert was.

I had simply copied a 4.5MB file over to the server, a Windows Server SBS 2008 R2, and had to wait an unusually long span of time for its completion.

I installed 'Lan Speed Test' together with the LST Server module and ran some tests.

The XP PC, on which I had first noticed the sluggishness during the file copy, the test utility never made it to the end of its 10 packet cycle. I tried various packet sizes but the issue was always the same after two or three packet I got an "error writing to the server"

I then ran the same test from a W7 PC, at 1, 10 and 100MB packet sizes. The average writing (upload) throughput hovered close to 1 Mbps, while the reading (download) average was around 70 Mbps.

My opinion is that this situation is the result of bad cabling,

What is your opinion ?

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