I have the server guide and installation for my OS of IBM 3650 M4, How I make my usb bootable with this installation cd?

My cd/dvd room is damaged in my server and I dont have external cdrom. I want to make two  the usb bootable ,one with the installation guide and OS of ibm x3650, and second with the windows 2008 server.How I make it
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MAS (MVE)EE Solution Guide - Technical Dept HeadCommented:
Create 2 USBs using the above link.
1. Copy all files/folders from IBM server guide media to USB using the below command
XCOPY D:\*.* F:\  /I /S /E
Here D is the source drive(i.e.CD/DVD drive) and F is the destination drive (i.e. USB drive)
2.Copy all files/folders from windows2008 media to USB using the same command above

Start with IBM server guide USB and use win2008 USB when it is prompted for it.

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IhabAuthor Commented:
There is no application or utility can do that?
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Yes, there is a specific IBM application for creating bootable media: IBM Bootable media Creator (BoMC). You can find it here:

But I believe it won't fit your exact needs, for that MAS suggestion may be the best.

Alternatively, you can use the OOB management card for that (RSA on the earlier x3650, AMM in later systems), by just adding the ISO images of the ServerGuide and Windows.

You can get the latest ServerGuide ISO here:

Or you can create your own ServerGuide customized to your needs by following these instructions:
IhabAuthor Commented:
Alternatively, you can use the OOB management card for that (RSA on the earlier x3650, AMM in later systems), by just adding the ISO images of the ServerGuide and Windows.
Can you give more details, because I didnt understand your point
Well, most Out-of-Band / Remote Management modules on new servers allow you to do varying levels of remote KVM (keyboard video and mouse), and in many cases mount an ISO file or drive from the management workstation as a CD/DVD on the server. This allows for initial setup tasks like mounting the ServerGuide CD and OS DVD.

I took a look into our IBM xSeries and we actually have some x3650M4's. All x3650 M4 have an IMM (Integrated Management Module), but I can't tell if the remote KVM is a standard feature, or if it's part of some add-on that we purchase. All of our M4's have the ability to do remote control and mount ISO/IMG files, you'll have to check the IMM on your server.
IhabAuthor Commented:
Mr. costa73
I downloaded two iso images server guide installation ,one "ibm_utl_bomc_9.51_windows_i386" and the second "ibm_utl_sguide_9.41_anyos_i386". The both image files not able to burn it , and when I use the utility for creating boot usb it is giving invalid iso .
Please advise
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