How to measure actual Network link speed

We have a Telco that manages all of our links between each of the branch office in our WAN.
I want to measure the actual speed of the link between 1 of these branch offices and our Data Center.

The link is meant to be 4MB, but I think it is closer to 2MB. We have Riverbed appliances at each of the sites, but I cannot find any clear indication about the actual speed of the link. I only know the % of acceleration etc.

Are there any FREE tools out there that I can use to measure the speed?
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Jeff PerryConnect With a Mentor Windows AdministratorCommented:
IPerf is also a free, end to end, performance testing tool.
Dan CraciunConnect With a Mentor IT ConsultantCommented:
You can try LAN Speed Test.

Sivaraj EConnect With a Mentor Lead – IT InfrastructuresCommented:
Also you can try with NetStress,

Regards, Shiva
Sivaraj EConnect With a Mentor Lead – IT InfrastructuresCommented:
Net meter is there that you can install,

Regards, Shiva
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