Cisco SG300-28P ?

Can I enable telnet access via the Web Console. What I'm trying to do is get the configuration off of it in a text file but I'm logged in remotely and via the web console. My thought is if I could enable telnet into it I would be at the cmd line.
Axis52401Security AnalystAsked:
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max_the_kingConnect With a Mentor Commented:
from the webgui:
Click Security > SSH Client > SSH User Authentication.
you can enable SSH
you then need to use a ssh client: the most used is putty:

you can then do a "show run" and see the configuration
hope this helps
Axis52401Security AnalystAuthor Commented:
I don't see an enable or disable. It shows a selection by password. From putty I get network error connection refused

Security > SSH Server > SSH User Authentication.
SSH User Authentication by Password—Select to perform authentication
of the SSH client user using the username/password configured in the local

please see tha help on that page if i'm missing something or if you want to configure differently

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Axis52401Security AnalystAuthor Commented:
Under SSH Server and SSH user Authentication there is no SSH User Authentication by Password

There is a SSH User Authentication by Public Key with a unchecked box and a SSH User Authentication TableShowing 0-0 of 010203050per page
Public Key is fine and theh the user must have privilege 15; the default user is cisco, unless you have changed it
this is from the user guide:

Common Tasks
This section describes some common tasks performed using the SSH Server
Workflow1: To logon to the device over SSH using the device’s
automatically-created (default) key, perform the following:
STEP 1 Enable SSH server in the TCP/UDP Services page and verify that SSH user
authentication by public key is disabled in the SSH User Authentication page.
STEP 2 Log onto an external SSH client application, such as PuTTY, using the IP address of
the device (it is not necessary to use a username or key that is known to the

Workflow2: To create an SSH user and logon to the device over SSH
using this user, perform the following steps:
STEP 1 Generate an RSA or DSA key on an external SSH client application, such as
STEP 2 Enable SSH user authentication by public key or password in the SSH User
Authentication page.
STEP 3 Enable Automatic Login if required (see Automatic Login below).
STEP 4 Add a user in the SSH User Authentication page and copy in the public key
generated externally.
STEP 5 Log onto an external SSH client application, such as PuTTY, using the IP address of
the device and the user name of the user.
Axis52401Security AnalystAuthor Commented:
that box isn't checked , do I need to check it. and do I need to set a different username and pwd from the one I am using for the web logion? if so where do I do that?
check it and use the same user from web admin
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