I need to move some Folders


How can I all at once move the folders (+ files in the folders) in the "From" folder, to the "To" folder.

02 is the month
2014 is the year
These values will change every month and year.

I am open to any technology/method, and a commercial solution is OK. - Any suggestions would be grateful!!

From: W:\WOW HITS - 02-2014
To: W:\Vid\WOW HITS\WOW HITS 2014\

From: W:\HOT MOVIE CLASSICS - 02-2014

From: W:\AMBIENT VIDEO 02-14
Computer GuyAsked:
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Bill PrewCommented:
Do you want to specify the current month and year as a parameter, or let the script pick up the current system date?

Bill PrewCommented:
And, was this a typo or does this one really only use a two digit year?

From: W:\AMBIENT VIDEO 02-14

or should it match the others like:

From: W:\AMBIENT VIDEO - 02-2014

Computer GuyAuthor Commented:
Haha. Typo. Year is suppose to be 4 digits and month 2. Good eye!!
Bill PrewCommented:
Okay, here is a starting point assuming a typo in the examples, and assuming you hard code the month and year into the script.  This can easily be adjusted to either take them as a command line parameter, or get them from the current date, or maybe a combo.

Save as a BAT file, adjust the paths as needed, and do some testing...

@echo off
setlocal EnableDelayedExpansion

set MM=02
set YYYY=2014

REM Define folder locations (no trailing "\")
REM set BaseDir=W:
REM set DestDir=W:\Vid

REM Process each folder name to process
for %%A in (%Folders%) do (
  REM If the source folder doesn't exist (with month and year added) report as error
  if not exist "%BaseDir%\%%~A - %MM%-%YYYY%\" (
    echo *WARNING* Folder [%BaseDir%\%%~A - %MM%-%YYYY%] does not exist, skipped.
  ) else (
    REM If dest folder does not exist (with year added) create it
    if not exist "%DestDir%\%%~A\%%~A %YYYY%\" (
      md "%DestDir%\%%~A\%%~A %YYYY%\"
  REM Move entire source folder to dest folder
  move "%BaseDir%\%%~A - %MM%-%YYYY%" "%DestDir%\%%~A\%%~A %YYYY%\" > NUL

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Dan CraciunIT ConsultantCommented:
Here's a powershell solution:
$inputPath = "W:"
$outputPath = "W:\Vid"

$month = "02"
$year = "2014"

$newPath = ""

gci $inputPath -Filter "*$month-$year" | %{

    #remove the 02-2014 part, with the space before
    $newPath = $_.BaseName.substring(0, $_.BaseName.length - 8)

    #if the path contained "-" before the date, remove it
    if ($newPath.Substring($newPath.Length - 1) -eq "-") {
        $newPath = $newPath.Substring(0, $newPath.Length -2)

    #create the new path
    $newPath = "$outputPath\$newPath\$newPath $year"
    #copy the folder, contents included
    Copy-Item -Path $_.FullName -Destination $newPath -Recurse

    #check if the copy was succesfull. If yes, then delete the original folder
    if (Test-Path $newPath) {
        Remove-Item $_.FullName -Recurse -Force

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This will look for all folders that finish in "02-2014" (or however you change the variables to), then copy them according to the format in the output folder, test if the copy was done and then delete the original folders.


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