Exchange 2010 EMS command question

I'm trying to use the EMS to get only the "PrimaryActiveManager" status from "get-databaseavailabilitygroup -status" command, but I'm not having any luck.  I've tried filtering with the Where-object cmdlet, but I've had no success.
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Justin YeungConnect With a Mentor Senior Systems EngineerCommented:
it should return just with member name.........

so what do you need???

what if you do

get-databaseavailabilitygroup -status | fl Name,Primary*


get-databaseavailabilitygroup -status | ft Name,Primary*

does it return the result?
Justin YeungSenior Systems EngineerCommented:
get-databaseavailabilitygroup -status | ? {$_.PrimaryActiveManager -like "servername"} | ft

what status you want to get from PrimaryActiveManager?
tballinAuthor Commented:
The status of PrimaryActiveManager should be the name of the active DAG member.  So like "ACMEExch1".
tballinAuthor Commented:
Both work - thanks!
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