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Synology Linux Based Cron Job - FTP Connect, Move & Email


I'm a windows guru, however I have a small Synology NAS that runs some spreadsheet orders (*.xls format only) and I would like to set up a cron job that run, checks a specific folder (/volume1/TS-Orders) and looks for only a *.xls file and move the file via FTP to a Windows FTP Server that I connect to via anonymous and then e-mail me if it can or cannot process the file.

I have found a few topics here on EE however, nothing seems to work closed where you use a cron - I could be not searching for the right wording.

Here is a link I would like to do: <code>https://www.experts-exchange.com/questions/25093871/Scripting-with-e-mails-and-errors-and-some-logic.html</code> for the e-mail if I understand it correctly.

Any help is appreciated!!
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