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Powershell Script to Export Filenames and Directories by Owner

I need a script I can run in a directory where I can list all files, their names, directories by a specific owner.  I'm presently using this script I found:

$arr = @()
gci "F:\Shares" -recurse | ? {$_.PSIsContainer -eq $False} | % {
  $obj = New-Object PSObject
  $obj | Add-Member NoteProperty Directory $_.DirectoryName
  $obj | Add-Member NoteProperty Name $_.Name
  $obj | Add-Member NoteProperty Length $_.Length
  $obj | Add-Member NoteProperty Owner ((Get-ACL $_.FullName).Owner)
  $arr += $obj
  $arr | Export-CSV -notypeinformation "c:\fileowner.csv"

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This is good, but I would like to have the search performed by Owner instead, and output the directory and name of those that are associated with the specified owner.
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