hp dc5700 driver query

hi I have purchased a: hpdc5700, e6300 from ebay.

I was advised to download the relevant updates from the following website:


task 1

1.  I installed xp successfully
2.  I installed all relevant drivers as per above url link successfully
3.  xp can now be used and linked to my win 2003 domain and logged on as a domain user no problems.

task 2.

1.  I installed a basic image of win 7 manually on the same identical: hpdc 5700, but when I rebooted it shows the initial bios screen to press for example: f9, or f10 etc which does work, but if I let win 7 restart without pressing anything it appears to hang and just show a blank screen.

2. if I unplug cable and plug cable back in and switch machine on then win 7 boots up normally and I can logon normally.

3.  I then installed some of the same xp drivers as above url link on same machine for example:

- bios - already upto date due to installing xp initially and installing bios at that stage
- installed intel chipset successfully
- I then did the following:

- installed video refresh rate for graphics xp & vista - successfully
- ms xp fix for no video issue when exiting s3 on rdc - unsuccessful as it stated no correct for operating system

note:  I assumed the xp drivers would be sufficient for win 7 as I was told all os beyond xp and including xp would work.

question 1.  can anyone advise as this maybe my issue as I am struggling to also capture an image back to my win 2003 wds server mixed mode, although once done I will be later be upgrading to win 2008, but wanted to resolve this last issue  ?
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Not clear on what issue you have:-

- which cable are you unplugging that lets win7 start normally?

- why would you want to install xp drivers and hotfixes on a windows 7 image?

From your question it seems you have a working xp image and working window 7 image (barring the reboot sequence you have fixed with the cable) what are you trying to achieve?
Manjunath SulladTechnical ConsultantCommented:
Check the boot order and BIOS settings.

Have you installed Dual boot on this system ?

Also check The Default Operating System from

My computer --> Properties -->Advanced --> Startup recovery settings --> If you have one Operating system. Time to dispaly make it Zero.

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mikey250Author Commented:
hi no dual boot.

I originally wanted a machine that will allow the install of the following which I was advised will work:

- xp
- win 7

as I wanted to still use xp, I was told to download and install the drivers and xp will install as normal which it does successfully

that xp install as above is now complete

as my hpdc5700 is 64bit also, it also allows the install of 32bit, but I have installed xp 32bit successfully

task 2

I wish now to install win 7 and repeat same process as xp

I chose to install win 7 32 bit but have not tried to install 64 bit

after logging on to win 7 successfully, I then restart machine but it initially shows the bios screen and eventually go blank and appears to hang, but if I unplug the physical power cable and replug cable back in, then win 7 boots up normally

question 1.  ok where would I get drivers for win 7 assuming that I need those just like with xp , as I assumed xp drivers were compatible  ?
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Manjunath SulladTechnical ConsultantCommented:
You can't install 64bit  drivers for 32bit Operating system.

There may be chance of problem with Power adapter.. > try with replacing the different power adapter --> or try without adapter (On battery)
mikey250Author Commented:
this machine is 64 bit but also allowed 32bit install as already tried and tested due to previous expert exchange advice.  so it appears to be backward compatible as I have never ever downloaded or installed any xp 64 bit either.

I think I will have to close this thread and try and get back in touch with the other experts I originally spoke to.
Although there is a 64bit version of XP available, driver support for that OS was never very good, and it wasn't very commonly used.

That changed with Vista and Windows 7, for those OS's the support for the 64 bit version is very good, so if your hardware supports 64 bit I'd install that version, and not the 32 bit version of the OS.

On the HP site you can select "change OS" for your downloads. You then get a list of the OS's there. As Windows 7 isn't in that list, select Vista as your OS, as most Vista drivers will also work for Windows 7 (and once the drivers are installed windowsupdate should be able to update the drivers to the Windows 7 version). Install at least the chipset drivers, it'll be likely that most others will be automatically found and installed.

Vista 64 bit drivers:


Vista 32 bit drivers:

windows 7 (32 or 64)  has most of the drivers you need out of the box, the HP is 'vista' ready so unless something is reporting a problem with a driver there is no need to worry.

The physical power cable is slightly odd and not something I've seen before - an alternate power source is probably worth trying to start with. I believe that machine has a hibernate problem with windows 7 which can be resolved by issuing:-
powercfg -h ON at an elevated command prompt but your issue does not seem related
mikey250Author Commented:
hi rindi,

yes I was just looking at that site due to our previous conversations on a previous thread.

i decided to download vista 32 bit drivers as i wish to just try it, and as i am currently running a win 2003 32 bit platform but also using 'ris/wds', i wanted to capture an image of win 7 back to my 'ris/wds' server, but assumed the drivers would be needed, just like xp.

however once done, i will do a clean install and go for the 64 bit win 7 as you suggest.

question 1.  what about when i install win 2008 & win 2012 & win 8 or 8.1, where i the drivers for those  ?
mikey250Author Commented:
hi, regmigrant, yes it does have a 'hybernate' problem but i did not install those drivers.  however i was installing xp drivers, when i should have been installing vista drivers which apparantely most should be compatible with win 7.
Also for the server OS's use the Vista drivers, if at all needed.
mikey250Author Commented:
hi rindi,

oh ok, so thought you was going to say install win 2000 drivers for win 2008 upwards.
Jackie ManCommented:
Which version of BIOS you are using?

Which version of Windows 7? Windows 7 Ultimate with Bitlocker enabled?

If yes, try the following:-

1. Download and install EasyBCD from http://neosmart.net/EasyBCD/

2. Do BCD Deployment -> Install Win7 MBR bootloader -> Write MBR

3. Restart computer and do a startup repair from Windows 7 installation DVD and  everything should be  working ok.

Source:  http://h30499.www3.hp.com/t5/Business-PCs-Compaq-Elite-Pro/DC5800-WIN7-x64-and-problem-with-restart/m-p/6173175#M95369

If still no go, it is a known issue. Please see the links below.


mikey250Author Commented:
hi jackie, thanks for those comments.

i have installed the version of bios from the below:


i installed so far only the following from the above url:

- business desktops bios utilities (international)

- intel chipset support for microsoft windows (international)

i was going to install the below:

broadcom nic drivers for microsoft windows vista and microsoft windows 7 (32-bit) (international)

i then located the nic via 'device manager' and attempted to install the above but it stated my desktop win7 had the most update drivers.

 i have joined the domain successfully so far.

so all appears ok so far but thanks for that advice!!!

note: the issue i now have is that now that my win 7 desktop is now connected to network and logged on via administrator account, i can also ping my wds server.  but when i locate 'sysprep' and attempt to run on my desktop it states fatal error, so not sure if i should install sp2 or all updates beyond sp2 as currently running sp1 specifically for wds, that is the last task i wish to complete before moving onto win 2008 wds ?
As we mentioned earlier, Windows 7 already comes with many drivers built-in, so unless you have an exclamation mark for one driver under device management, it generally isn't necessary to install them manually.

There is no SP2 for Windows 7, only SP1.
mikey250Author Commented:
hi rindi, no i meant on sp2 on my ris/wds, as currently running ris/sp1/wds

i have now done the following:

1st updated my bios and confirmed again intel chipset update for my desktop, the ‘sysprep’ runs and does not show any errors!!!!

the issue i have now is that i got as far as: “image capture destination” as above screenshot, where I type in my wds server name as example above and it prompts me for username/password, so i log in with my only domain administrator password which is not recognised…so not sure why not ?

if you know how to resolve this, then let me know as this thread needs closing and i will open new thread now and let you know, otherwise thank you for your help.  very  ppreciated

unless i need to update the graphics which i have not installed any yet and left as default so far.
I have never used ris/wds, so no, I don't know. As far as I know you should use a combination of MDT and WAIK to deploy Windows 7 systems:

mikey250Author Commented:
yes i no, it just depends on if you want extra finite control, but im doing it this way and maybe later will start again with mdt 2010/2012 once ive done some more reading to ensure 2010 or 2012 or whatever it is, last time i read.

ok thanks for your advice!!
mikey250Author Commented:
hi rindi, i have tried to install updates for the graphics

nvdia graphics driver for microsoft vista (32-bit editions) (international)   - showed error when installing.

intel graphics driver for microsoft windows vista (32-bit edition) (international)   no correct for software apparanetely.

so ive just connected to the wsus via microsoft and located 138 updates, so was hoping this would resolve issue.

once i get correct advice then i may install updates but not sure yet.
It's likely you'll get the drivers through the update.
mikey250Author Commented:
thanks will let you know anyway between now and tomorrow as had small issue.
mikey250Author Commented:
hi rindi,

I spent 2 weeks on trying to capture an image back to my ris/wds server and after also adding all windows updates I could only get as far as the gui showing and allowing me to add all details but when I added the part asking for the wds server ie  \\fileprintserver - by clicking connect, it then prompted me for a username and password.  so I then used the domain administrator account but it was not recognised and just appeared to hang.  annoying.

I even installed sp2 and all other updates and repeated same process but could not get any further as the: sysprep would not work.  this was long winded as I had 10 separate ways of trying a different approach and each time I had to 1st install xp with drivers, then install windows 7 and try and if that failed, I had to then install xp with drivers and then win 7 again with a different approach.  if I did not do it that way, the sysprep would show error everytime!!  I gave up.
mikey250Author Commented:
i have also purchased another: hp dc5700 e6300 machine but when i compare the stickers they are different ie:

- 1st purchased - designed for windows xp - windows vista capable

- 2nd purchase - designed for Microsoft windows xp - im just wondering if this is a problem as when i install windows 7 on the '1st purchase' above I would use vista drivers  ?
The 2nd. one was probably sold before Vista came out, but as far as I know, there shouldn't be any difference in the mainboard and chipset, so it should work just like the other PC with Windows 7. Besides, Windows 7 normally doesn't have any problems at all running on hardware that was built for XP. The critical devices are the vidfeo card and sound card. The video card, if it is too old, just won't support the aero display of Windows 7 (which in most cases isn't required), and sound cards can usually easily be replaced or supplemented with an additional card.
mikey250Author Commented:
thanks rindi! appreciated.
mikey250Author Commented:
advice appreciated.
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