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Windows 2008 File permissions

Having an issue with windows 2008 file permissions.

 I need to lockdown a certain folder structure so that all can view/read/execute but not write, except for key people. (Right now I'm just working at the root folder, I'm not even dealing with the inheritable permissions yet)

So I believe the solution is to create a security group and add all the people to be denied write into that group. I applied that group to the folder w/ only 1 test user.

That test user can still create a folder... now if I add that specific user the deny write access that user can't create a folder.

So it appears that windows so choosing to ignore the security group I created with the deny write permission. I'm missing something here...?

I'm going to be doing more windows file sharing.. is there a 3rd party file sharing software I should use?
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