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I have may tags in a webpage, then i need to align a tag with respect to another. say h1 in respect with <p id="test">Test</p>, for example center h1 with respect to this p tag, any idea?
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<p>more stuff</p>

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Every tag has a particular default display trait which creates particular behavior for that tag (which can be changed with CSS.)  h tags (like div's) default to taking 100% of the available width, therefore if you set an h1 tag within a p tag you can simply set the h1 text-align attribute to center.


<p><h1 style="text-align: center;">Header Text</h1></p> 

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Is there no way to center dynamically in base to another tag width?, por example if i have a table that the width adjust dynamically, i want a p tag to center in reference to the table?
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Of course there are ways of accomplishing what you desire.  One would be to set up a td within the table with a column-span attribute set to the number of columns within the table (so the td spans the entire width of the table) and set it's text-align property to center.  Then, to center the p tag, you would need to specify a fixed width to the p tag, and set its margin to "0 auto;".  The p tag will now be centered within the table.

<table><tr><td colspan="3" style="text-align: center;"><p style="width: 30px; margin: 0 auto;">Hi</p></td></tr><tr><td>Some text</td><td>Some text</td><td>Some text</td></tr></table>

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the problem is that the p tag is not inside the table, this works if the p tag is inside the table, but in this case the p tag is in another location, any other idea?
I am not understanding what it is you are doing.  First, you asked how to center an h1 tag within a p tag.  I told you how to do that.  Next you asked me how to center a p tag within a table, I told you how to do that.  Now you want to know how to center the p tag in another location?

First off, to center anything you need a containing element within which to center it.  The "text-align: center;" on the container with the fixed width, "margin: 0 auto;" on the contained element will work for most situations.  Generally the display for both elements needs to be something other than inline.  This will work, for example, by placing the p tag within a div like so:

<div style="text-align: center;"><p style="width: 30px; margin: 0 auto;">Hi</p></div>

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