Powershell and combining different object arrays

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Hello EE,

I wish to create a script whereby it does 3 core tasks

1-  $getapplicationevents = get-eventlog -logname application

2-   $getsystemevents = get-eventlog -logname system

3-  $errorlogs = import-csv "c:\logs\logs.csv"

At this point i wish to combine certain member properties of each of the previous objects into a new "master object" with the goal of inserting into a database table or export to csv. All of the 3 objects would have a similar property the "host's name" . This would be similar concept to a primary key

My question is around the combining of certain member properties ;

Using $masterobject as the target for combining, with $getapplicationevents.message, $getsystemevents.message and $errorlogs.message in one array of objects ,$masterobject .The understanding is i would need to create the $masterobject and then use the add-member command but unsure of the structure from here ..
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If these are all strings you can simply just combine them if that is what you are after.


 $masterobject =  "$getapplicationevents.message" + "$getsystemevents.message " + " $errorlogs.message " 

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If this is an array you are creating you can simply assign using +=

 $masterobject +=  "$getapplicationevents.message" + "$getsystemevents.message " + " $errorlogs.message " 

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That works, however the objects are different type, so if I wish to export to csv or insert to database , the columns will not be consistent. It will assume the master object is of type ( last type combined) when using $masterobject | get-member and $masterobject will only show the members of the last type combined . So I ideally, I need a $master obejct that combines all the members of each object into one master. thoughts?
What are the challenges  ?

IS this maybe one object is a string - one is a date etc  ?
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Right , they are of different type . Two are of type diagnostic entry ( get-eventlog), one is a import-csv which is a different type
You cast the objects to the different types

Probably best to reassign the variables:
$ermsg = [string]$errorlogs.message

More info on how to do this here:
Did you make any progress on this or do you still need help with a resolution.


Ok thanks for the clarification

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