Help with styles

I'm trying to put together what I need to duplicate an existing report.
I've automated everything, but now I'm trying to get the formatting correct.
Unfortunately, I seem to have forgotten a lot from my 2002 classic asp course. :^)

That said, I've come up with something like the code below for my html data.
However, I've got a few issues...
1) I'd like to reduce the whitespace between my <h1> values and the <h2> data that follows.
2) My tables aren't coming out as I'd like.  The headers are centered, and I'd like them left-aligned.

.err {font-size:8pt;color:red;}
.norm {font-size 8pt;color:navy;}
.warn {font-size 8pt;color:orange;}
.head {font-size 8pt;color:black;}
th { text-decoration:underline; font-size:11pt; color:navy; align=left;font-weight:bold }
td { padding-right:15%; }
h1 {
  font-family:"Comic Sans MS";
h2 {
  font-family:"Courier New"}
<h1>FIRST TITLE</h1><div id=2><h2 class=norm>Some information I'd like to display</h2></div>
<h1>SECOND TITLE</h1><div id=5>
  <table><tr><th>Some heading</th><th>Another Heading</th></tr>
  <tr class=warn><td>Data value</td><td>Information</td></tr>
  <tr class=warn><td>Data value2</td><td>Information2</td></tr>
<h1>THIRD TITLE</h1>
<div id=6>
  <table><tr><th>Some heading</th><th>Another Heading</th></tr>
  <tr class=err><td>Data value</td><td>Information</td></tr>
  <tr class=err><td>Data value2</td><td>Information2</td></tr>

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h2 {
  font-family:"Courier New";
text-align:left; for header
Using TH will automatically bold and center a table header cell
Reset it with
th {

For the Header tags, the same thing you need to reset the default margin, tweak as necessary

h1,h2 {
margin:5px 0

The previous comments are weird to say the least

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sirbountyAuthor Commented:
Much better!  And I do appreciate the explanation, however I found the table headers did not automatically include an underline.  Nonetheless, I think I like it without.
Changing the margin looks great, but now too tight with the following element.
Rather than a separate margin for each, is there a way to simply pad a bit before the next <h1>?
So you want to add an extra top margin to every H1 bar the first?

h1:not(:first-of-type) {

Tweak as necessary
This is not an ideal way to target though, you should be using a container at least so you don't affect any other H1 tags
sirbountyAuthor Commented:
My code generates these 'elements' and my logic was to set each report up with a div tag (div id=3).  Then I loop through them and, placing them in order, build the html code from that.

If that's not ideal to monkey with the first-of-type, then I suppose I should just keep playing with the all-around margins?
Nothing wrong with it and if that is basically the makeup of the page then it will be fine.
sirbountyAuthor Commented:
Well, I was going to boost the points here, but can't seem to do that.  Did they change that feature? : \
It's currently broken - it should (hopefully) be fixed next Wednesday
I can increase the points if you wish.
sirbountyAuthor Commented:
Sure, can you increase to 400 please?
sirbountyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help :^)
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