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Close named powerpoint presentation in vba

I have two powerpoint presenatations open.

I want to close only one of them.

I used application.quit but it closed all as it closes powerpoint.

I therefore used Application.ActivePresentation.Close which works but leaves the window open so i can't see my other ppt presenatation below.

All help most welcome.
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John Wilson
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Not completely clear what you need but supposing you want to close the presentation named "control.pptx" and minimize PPt

Application.WindowState = ppWindowMinimized
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pls try

'Application.Presentations("c:\Documents\Presentation4.pptx").Close or

Open in new window

I misread!

You really need to say what version of Office as versions before 2010 act differently

In all cases though the other presentaion should show I think unless you are running the code from the vb editor.
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I am using ppt2010
JSRWilson, your solution did not work as window is not minimised
Rgonzo1971, same as JRWilson, closes presentation show but does not close or minimise active window
What i am doing is running several ppsm presentations from a common dashboard and i intended to leave the dashboard open and just bring the ppsm's to the front and close them on exit.

It works fine except the ppsm window stays on the screen with the dashboard hidden behind it.
You need to explain exactly what you are doing. Starting with how you made the Dashboared and what it does. Are the ppsm opening in show mode and how are you opening and closing them.
The dashboard is just a page of buttons, i run it from a batch file at startup, its a ppsm file

Under each button is a simple code see attached to run various presnetations

Me.CommandButton7.Caption = "Introducing" & vbNewLine & "GMP"
Me.CommandButton7.Font.Size = 10

Dim pptPres As PowerPoint.Presentation
Dim pptApp As PowerPoint.Application
Dim pptSlide As PowerPoint.Slide
Dim file As String

file = "f:\Users\Training\GMPRefresher.ppsm"

Set pptApp = CreateObject("PowerPoint.Application")
pptApp.Visible = True
Set pptPres = pptApp.Presentations.Open(FileName:=file)

At the end of any presenatation, i instruct the user to press a button which should close the current presnetation and window so that the dashboard returns to the screen.

At the moment the presenation closes, but an instance of powerpoint remains open so i can see the development window in front of the dashboard.

If i use application.quit it closes all instances of ppt so i loose the dahsboard completely.

Have you tried

Set pptApp = Nothing

Open in new window

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John Wilson
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JSR Wilson - You are a genius. thank you very much