Macbook 13" Early 2011 Slow at startup

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As the machine is booting, when the Apple logo is present and the spinning circle (not the beach ball of death) but before the logon screen this process takes about 20-30 seconds.  Once the machine is running the computer runs OK but could use some RAM.  I've check the smart status in disk utility and all is well.  Running a scan with Clam now.  Is there any way to speed the boot up process?  Thanks in advance.
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Zac HarrisSystems Administrator

Try clearing your logs and cache. Also take a look at your finder bar and see what all applications are set to startup on login. Turn off the ones that you really don't have to have startup on login.


Forgot to add I have 4GB RAM installed and 2.3ghz i5.
What version of the OS are you running? If it is 10.9 I had to upgrade my memory from 4gb to 8gb to fix the boot time problem.

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Ah, another important part I missed.  10.7.5
Remove/disable all Startup Items under the User Account in System Preferences which are not essential.

Use a program like Lingon version 2.2 which is FREE

With Lingon you can see all the system level and user level startup plists and again disable any irrelevant ones.

It might also be worth creating a NEW user account .. and setting that as the default login and shutdown and restart and see if startup speed is significantly faster .. if it is that would indicate other problems with the other user account.
Check your HD to see how much free space you have left on your hard drive. If you are low on free space that could slow things down.

Also open Disk Utility and run Verify Disk. Does it give your disk a clean bill of health?

Also run Repair Permissions.


HD has 150GB of free space.  Verify disk is good.  If I open the Activity Monitor I have less than 200MB of System Memory free.  1.8GB shows as inactive.?
Then I would suggest you follow Eoin' suggestions.


With Lingon I see a few things.  Looks like "cleanmymac" made it onto the computer at some point.  Removed those.  The other entries look legitimate.  Adobe, Google, Apple, etc.

Creating another user didn't change the boot up speed.

Lots of entries for Repair Permissions.  Rebooted the machine afterwards no real change.  However after removing some things using Lingon the desktop loads a little faster.  Sitting idle the machine is using 2.5GB of system memory.
You'll always get a few issues on Repair Permissions .. it is a good thing to run but rarely has an impact on boot speed .. more likely to fix access to certain files and folders when applications are crashing.

You can open the Activity Monitor application and see what apps and processes are using up the RAM?

Also open Console and see are there any errors on startup .. look in the system.log and kernel.log

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