Tools for troubleshooting VOIP issues / QoS

I'm new to Asterisk and have a small Asterisk 11.x + FreePBX setup and am trying to diagnose random call quality issues. I've googled quite a bit and have found a number of tools, but haven't had much luck w/the ones I've tried (some of it due to my own inexperience I'm sure ...)  Can anyone recommend a good tool for assessing/monitoring QoS? Preferably one that doesn't require 6 mos of training to configure.

ANY assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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Look for a tool called MTR on your system...

When you say QOS, are you talking LAn or WAN to your provider ..

Can you describe your network topology and loads a little..

Also, you can find MTR for Windows here -- 

Please also include the type of connection you have upload/download speeds
QoS is a router/firewall that will prioritize SIP,H.323,VOIP over any other data.

Without QoS your voice performance degrades when other data is being received/sent through your external connection.
_agx_Author Commented:
Thanks for the responses.

I'll try and answer as much as I can.  It's a very small test environ:

* 1-2 concurrent calls max, 4-6 extensions.
* T2 ~6Mbs up/down behind firewall - no QoS settings enabled
* MTR - I've tried it, but am not sure what to make of the numbers... I've seen it report extreme packet loss while on a call, yet the call quality was crystal clear. Other times, the numbers are much lower but calls are tinny or choppy.

* QoS - Yeah, I may be using terms interchangeably, so sorry for any confusion. By QoS I meant monitoring/troubleshooting the call quality in general.
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With 6mb link and your info you should not be experiencing the issues unless your network switches ca not handle the amount of data (includes voice)
QoS for voice calls is addressed via the configuring a QoS on your firewall and your switches.

As was pointed out your control is limited to your equipment.  Is the voice service provider the same as your connection provider or are these two different entities.

Your quality may degrade with the provider.

Capturing network data for the voice calls, what you are looking for is missing/delayed packets.
_agx_Author Commented:
They're different entities.

So what tools would you recommend? Which ones have you used?
In this case all you can do is setup a local QoS on the router/firewall to prioritize SIP, H.323, VOIP data and possibly VPN if that is carrying you VOICE data to your provider.

You would then on your switches configure a similar QoS for Voice if not present already and if the same switches are used for both.

If this does not resolve the majority of your question, it would point to you ISP as the issue. I.e. Their path to your VOICE provider might be not optimal for you.

Try traceroute to the VOICE service provider.  You are looking for the path and the number of hops.

Does your ISP provider, provide voice services as well?  Just checking since if they do, they will have a VOICE QoS configured on their network.
_agx_Author Commented:
I ended up using tcpdump and wireshark to examine the voip data in more detail. Thanks for the assist everyone!

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I ended up doing with tcpdump and wireshark to examine the voip data in more detail. Thanks for the assist everyone!
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_agx_Author Commented:
Take 2 - "I ended up using tcpdump and wireshark to examine the voip data in more detail. Thanks for the assist everyone! "
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