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One to many to many relationship in form

I have a one to many to many relationship that I need to to represent in a form. I thought I could just place sub forms linked but Access will not allow the many to many form. How do I work around this ? Is this a time for de-normalization?

More specifics. I have a customer table. Each customer can have none -one - many pets. Each pet can have none -one - many Grooming visits. I would like to show all the information on one form. Will this require two forms instead?
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I would do it with a main form and two subforms.  The "left side" subform will be a list of the pets.  The "right side" subform will be a list of the visits sorted in descending order so the most recent visit is on top.  When you click on a pet in the left subform, the "right" subform will refresh.  When you set the master/child links, the "left" subform is connected to the main form and the "right" subform is connected to the "left" subform so you must include the name of the subform in the master link (sfrmPets.PetID).  I haven't set one of these up recently and don't have a sample handy but you might have to add a requery to the click event of the "left" subform.


If most clients have only a single pet, this will be overkill so in that case, I might use a single subform that is bound to a query that joins the two tables.  The downside to this is that you cannot suppress the PetName because that identifies the pet the visit is for and so it will repeat on every row.  

In a combined subform, you need to decide if the major sort will be date (always descending) or petName.  Once the list gets long, you will probably find that date works better.
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I have a key of customer code in the Customer (Top or Master) Table. I have a foreign key that links the pet (left) table to the customer table and that works great.  The pet table has a key of PetID. The Groom (right subform) Has a key of GroomID and a foreign key of PetID to link to the pet table but does not have a foreign key to link to the customer table directly. Do I need to add that foreign key to link it to Customer?
When I connect groom to pet with Pet.PetID as master and Groom.PetID as subform I get forms asking for Parameter Value for Pet.PetID and Groom.PetID. If I enter blanks for both parameters the form opens but the groom table subform is not linked.
You don't need the FK to the top table in the Groom table.  It only has to link to the Pet table.

Are you certain the Groom and Pet are the names of your subform controls?  They may be the names of the actual subform objects but what we need here is the name of the subform control.  Click on the edge of the subform to select it and look at the Name property in the properties list.
Upload a sample database including the 3 tables with few records in each.
Here is a copy of what I am trying to do.
I guess I didn't get file attached
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