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SSL Cert on internal Ebusiness server behind sonicwall

We have a Server 2008 server behind a firewall with port forwarding (80, 8080, and 443). We are running an E-business site that is intended to go Live in a few days. We ahve purchased an SSL cert from GoDaddy.

In setting up the Cert for E-biz, should the WAN address of the sonicwall be the A record for the Ebusiness site, and the certificate installed there?

Should a self-assigned certificate be installed on the server?
Should the server and sonicwall be members of the domain "example-ebiz.com"
there are no internal DNS servers for this host.
Should I install DNS on this host server and register with the ".com" domain hosted by Godaddy?

I am somewhat familiar, I just dont want to mess this up.
Thank you for your time and Knowledge.
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