Can't choose deployed web part

I have created a visual web part called "PredatorAudit". I have deployed it to a SharePoint 2010 server using Visual Studio 2010. The problem is that I can't choose it. It is not under Custom or any of the other groups when I try to insert a new web part on a page. I can see the web part in Central Administration - Solution Management, however. It should be in the Custom group because it says <Property Name="Group" Value="Custom" /> in the elements.xml of the web part.
I can choose all the other visual web parts I have created. What could be the problem?
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kasperEHConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
For some reason, the SharePoint Administration service wasn't running. After starting the service, it worked.
Justin SmithConnect With a Mentor Sr. System EngineerCommented:
You deployed it as a farm solution?  If so, does it need a feature activated at the site level?
kasperEHAuthor Commented:
It is a farm solution, not sandbox solution. There is a feature included, but not one that requires site level activation. Normally when I make visual web parts, it is automatically activated as part of the deployment.
kasperEHAuthor Commented:
Starting the service again seemed to do the trick.
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