GSM Backup connection for computers

Hi guys,

I've been assigned to a project that I think is pretty cool. The main idea is to build two computers that will constantly communicate to each other (mainly to see if the connection is up) every 5 minutes or so. One of the computers will be in a remote location using a satellite connection that you can't trust.

What I need to do is setup a fall back system to use the cellular network as soon as the sat connection goes down. I guess I could use some sort of short-code in a SMS text message so it sends status and instructions from one computer to another.

What I don't know is what to do in order to integrate the computers with the GSM network. I know I can use a PCI modem and a wireless GSM interface (also known as telular) but I don't know, in case I could use one for this purpose, what characteristics should it have in order to interact properly with the computer. As far as I know there are some models with FSX which have a dialing tone (which I guess would be useful).

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance!
Cesar AracenaPHP EnthusiastAsked:
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gheistConnect With a Mentor Commented:
OK :)
Say this:
(you can have any "alternative" firmware to switch between two (or 10) links, even some routers have ability from factory)
Anyway most home routers nowadays run one or other sort of Linux, so make quick check if it can be YOUR linux (like tomato, ddwrt or openwrt) and you are all set.
GSM has no dial tone
It just dials number AT***0 and the rest of modem estabilishes GSM/2G/3G/4G circuit
Do you have any sort of router to hook up with satellite and gsm at the same moment?
Cesar AracenaPHP EnthusiastAuthor Commented:
Hi gheist,

Actually I have nothing yet. That's why I would need some advice so I can buy something to start testing ;)
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Cesar AracenaPHP EnthusiastAuthor Commented:
Thanks. The problem with this is that it depends on two or more network connections. What I need to do is attach some box that can transmit the SMS received over by a cellular phone and be able to transmit also. In short, be able to send and receive text messages from a computer keyboard instead of a cellular phone but using a SIM card.
You dont need cellular network to send SMS. IP connection is prefered for years lately.
Cesar AracenaPHP EnthusiastAuthor Commented:
Thanks gheist but I'm talking about an un-trusty sat connection in the middle of the dessert so a cellular backup is a must.
typical multiwan router consumes ~5W, so you can stic solar cells around it and drop in the sun...
SMS is not check for the link
if you red down the multiwan page - it can check ping to whichever site or default gateway to conclude link is dead.
SMS isnot realtime, it may arrive in a month.
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