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HP A5120-24G Switch JE066A ping and IP?

New to these switches and having some issues:

1. i can't get to it view IE versions just firefox. bit tjoml maybe IE versions > 8.  Just tested a IE8 over on that LAN and could get to it. When it was at my desk on using IE9 I couldn't.

2. gave it a static but from my primary LAN(172.x.2.x) over my wan(it's in say LAN2) across tunnel I can't ping it or get to it vie WUI.  I can ping anything(other switches etc) else across my tunnel in that LAN2 with a different network(172.x.3.x).

3.  What's the simple steps to determine the IP from the CI? I couldn't get this easily after I set it and then had to change it.

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TimotiStDatacenter TechnicianCommented:
1, It's possible that the older webadmin isn't too friendly with IE.
2, Just checking: did you give the switch a default gw?
3, CLI is somewhat like Cisco, just replace 'show' with 'display', like:
display interfaces
display route
display ip ...

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dee30Author Commented:
going to try this today... and post back tomorrow.  thx
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